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Content of Mechanical Engineering and Mechatronics programme

Details of programme (I352-1)

In the first two semesters,the fundamentals of mathematics, natural and engineering sciences are taught. In addition you will receive a thorough grounding in computer science and business studies.

During the advanced level studies, traditional engineering content, a sound knowledge of materials and the corresponding hardware and software is combined with soft skills and business courses. The modules in these courses take the form of lectures, practicals and project work. A wide selection of electives allows you to expand your knowledge and specialize in mechanical engineering or mechatronics.

One particular advantage of the programme is that you can take modules from the complete range of courses offered on the Schwenningen campus, specifically in the areas of medical engineering, process engineering and international business, thus expanding your chosen area of specialization and improving your personal profile.

Besides specialization in the areas of mechanical engineering or mechatronics, you are also given a solid grounding in languages which can be improved by taking additional language courses of your choice from the wide variety on offer.

In keeping with the practical orientation of the degree programme, a large number of modern, well-equipped labs are available for practicals and research work. Close cooperation with regional industry guarantees cutting edge knowledge, an interesting and challenging learning experience, and excellent job opportunities.

Why study Mechanical Engineering and Mechatronics?

  1. Engineering degree (Bachelor of Science) in only 7 semesters.
  2. No tuition fees for EU/EEA students. Only administrative and student services fees and student union contributions of €130 have to be paid every semester.
  3. Excellent job prospects owing to the interdisciplinary nature of the course.
  4. Hands-on programme using moden labs. Practical semester in the 5th semester.
  5. Wide-ranging cooperation with regional industry.
  6. Customizable programme with a broad range of subject electives.
  7. Breathtaking Black Forest countryside andfriendly, personal atmosphere of the university and its location.

Programme content

The Mechanical Engineering and Mechatronics degree programme covers the following core content:

  • Design and CAD (Computer Aided Design)
  • Production engineering and automation
  • Computer science and electrical engineering
  • Process measuring and control technology
  • Drive engineering and robotics

The following management skills will also be gained:

  • Business studies
  • Team and communication skills
  • Engineering ethics
  • Sound English proficiency
Details of programme (I10388)
During my semester abroad I got the opportunity to experience a foreign country and its culture in a different way from tourists, made lots of great friends from around the world and developed personally in a positive way. The time I spent abroad was just fantastic and my studies there were also very successful: all in all it was one of the best experiences of my life."
Melanie Quast

International orientation

Intercultural awareness skills can be gained during an exchange semester abroad at one of our over 140 partner universities. Besides a study semester, it is also possible to do an internship semester or to do your thesis in the 7th semester abroad.


Programme content

Foundation Level studies

In the first two semesters, the fundamentals of natural and engineering sciences are taught in subjects such as mathematics, physics, computer science, materials science, electrical engineering, technical drawing and business studies.

Advanced studies

During the 5 semesters of the advanced level studies, engineering content is looked at in more depth through courses in design, actuator technology, measurement and control technology, electronics, thermodynamics and robotics. In addition students specialise in one of two areas (mechanical engineering or mechatronics) and knowledge in these subjects is strengthened in two specialisation modules in the fourth and sixth semester. A programme customised to individual interests can be put together by the selection of electives.

Mechanical Engineering module description

Mechatronics module description

Practical study semester and semester abroad

In the fifth semester, an industrial internship is carried out. This gives students early insights into their later working life. Both the internship and one of the advanced study semesters can be carried out abroad. Through close cooperation with national and international companies and universities, the length of time taken to gain a degree is not extended.

Learning outcomes

Learning outcomes - subject knowledge and skills

Our graduates:

  • have a comprehensive knowledge of engineering fundamentals
  • can use CAD programmes as a design tool
  • have in-depth specialized knowledge in the field of either mechatronics or mechanical engineering
  • can apply analytical skills to calculate and design the resistance, structural analysis and dynamics of mechanical systems and to select appropriate materials
  • are able to plan and develop complex mechanical and mechatronic systems and to transform them into products

Learning outcomes - transferable skills

Our graduates:

  • display excellent problem-solving and decision-making skills in design processes
  • are qualified for a post-graduate degree in our faculty or at another university
  • have experience in project-oriented working methods and project implementation
  • have key qualifications in communication, scientific methods and presentation techniques
  • can communicate confidently in English

Learning outcomes - employability skills

Our graduates:

  • use their communication skills to plan and implement customer-oriented solutions
  • can undertake demanding work across the field of engineering
  • are qualified to work in varied engineering career pathways
  • have the ability to lead and work cooperatively in teams at the interface between design, development and management