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Robotics and Autonomous Systems specialization

Intelligent control of robots

Robotics and Autonomous Systems specialization (I8094-1)

Robotics and autonomous systems specialization

New: Since Winter Semester 2019/20 we now offer Robotics and Autonomous Systems, a further development of our previous specialization "Technical Computer Science".

Robots and autonomous systems are already part of our daily lives: in networked factories, in the household, in toys, in kids' bedrooms and in space travel. Soon automobiles will be electronically driven, moving autonomously in traffic. Technical systems need a great deal of software support. Automated driving, networked production systems and autonomous robots rely on computer science to make complex decisions quickly and safely. Modern safety systems such as distance controllers or driver fatigue detectors in cars - artificial intelligence is increasingly used to react appropriately in unknown situations.

In the Robotics and Autonomous Systems specialization you will learn how hardware and software components are integrated to become intelligent systems and applications. This includes both the use of programmable components and machine learning. With your knowledge of autonomous systems you will be able to select and deploy suitable components effectively.

If you are interested in developing the interface technologies of the 21st century in a practical, workplace-related way, this is the right specialization for you.

Programme structure

The bachelor programme takes 7 semesters and is clearly structured. In each semester you will take 5 modules which are generally completed with a graded assessment. The foundation level studies are completed after 2 semesters, the advanced level studies after 5 semesters.

You gain practical experience already during your course through the  2 integrated projects in the 4th and 6th semesters. In the 5th semester you do an internship in a software company of your choice. If you wish you can do your 6th semester abroad - and we'll help you find a suitable university. In the 7th semester you complete your degree by writing your thesis, generally within a company.

Job description and perspectives

With a specialization in Robotics and Autonomous Systems, you will have a broad grounding and knowledge of applications for the development, installation and implementation of software systems for technical applications. Exciting work in a broad range of career areas will be open to you.

Career pathways

  • Development of technical systems such as robots, driver assistance systems, medical devices, smart home systems
  • Management of development projects, system development
  • IT consulting

Employment sectors

  • IT firms, software companies
  • Automobile and heavy vehicles sector
  • Medical sector
  • Entertainment and communications sector

Further your academic qualifications with a master's degree

After completing your bachelor's degree you will be qualified to take one of the two master's degrees we offer, Computer Science or Mobile Systems. With a master's degree, you will be optimally prepared to take on management responsibilities or to do a doctorate.