Measurement - Testing - Monitoring Lab

Purpose of Lab

  • Practicals and projects in the Electrical Engineering (Bachelor) and Smart Systems (Master) programmes
  • Workplace for carrying out individual bachelor's and master's theses
  • Elective module in the subjects of image processing, sensors, optics and lasers, semi-conductor characterization, control technology

Lab Equipment

  • 1 server (LINUX)
  • 8 PCs (1GHz) on the network server
  • 4 PCs (1GHz) as stand-alone devices
  • 2 laptops for mobile experiments
  • Several PCs for special purposes
  • Software: Windows XP, LINUX, MATLAB/Simulink (in network) with various toolboxes
  • 10 digital oscilloscopes (Agilent, hp)
  • 6 analog oscilloscopes (Hameg und andere)
  • 2 spectrum analyzers (Agilent, Hameg)
  • Various plug-in cards AD/DA for PCs and USB-A/D transformer module (Meilhaus Redbox)
  • Large collection of sensors and measurement systems
  • Measurement systems for monitoring technology (photo sensors scanners, cameras, ...)
  • Large amounts of standard equipment: mains adaptors, function generators, multimeters, etc.
  • Test set-up for image processing (lighting, camera, ..)
  • Optical microscope (stereo microscope up to V=40x, reflected light microscope up to V=800x) with digital image processing
  • 4 microprobers (sheet resistance)
  • Optical reflexion interferometer (layer thickness)
  • LCR test site with wafer tester (MOS capacity measurement)
  • Access to scanning electron microscope (Microtechnology Lab)
  • Parameter test site with wafer tester, ICCAP Rev.4.5 (assembly part parameters)
  • Spectrum analyzer (noise measurement)
  • Components for the preparation of optical wave guide (insulation stripping tools, fibre cutter, fibre inspection microscope, fibre splicer)
  • Light sources (HeNe laser, diode laser (cw and pulsed), LED)
  • Optical components (coupling lenses, lenses, prisms, polarizers, beam splitter mono- and singlemode LWL)
  • Spectographs (high-definition optical spectrum analyzer, PC-based spectrometer)
  • Electronic devices (lock-in amplifier, performance measurement devices, function generators, oscilloscope)
  • Laser triangulation measurement workstation
  • Workstation for laser material processing based on a cw Nd:YAG laser system
  • Optics workstations (breadboards, vibration-damped table, vibration-free table)
  • Workstations for the simulation of optical systems (software: Zemax)
  • Various test rigs for standard tests
  • Components storeroom


A2.15 - A2.19; A2.29 - A2.33 Furtwangen

Opening hours

  • Mo - Do 8:00 - 12:00 Uhr
  • Mo - Do 13:00 - 17:00 Uhr