Mechanical and Medical Engineering (I28440)

Mechanical and Medical Engineering

Sustainability and mobility are our guiding principles

What makes our faculty to so attractive is the broad range of traditional and ultra-modern, future-oriented study programmes which we offer. Students have the option to customize their study programme to their own interests and are well prepared for future employment in industry thanks to the innovative theoretical and practical training they receive, and the interdisciplinary, intercultural and soft skills they develop. Highly competent teaching staff has expert knowledge of the complex issues facing our society today (e.g. sustainable solutions to traffic mobility, development of economic processes for regenerative products, energy, etc.). Innovative research into current topics encourages interdisciplinary and intradisciplinary cooperation, such as the sustainable development of mobility with respect to cars, health and virtual mobility.

The practical guidelines for innovation management issued by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy ("Spread knowledge and win markets") makes it clear that multidisciplinary networking of science and business is necessary to ensure economic and ecological mobility and sustainable development. We believe that the multidisciplinary way of thinking our students experience in our faculty, will provide them with the flexible mindset needed in our ever more complex world.


This is the Faculty of Mechanical and Medical Engineering

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