Hazardous Materials Lab

In the 100 m²  Hazardous Material Lab students can gain experience with various hazardous substances. The following are some of the practical experiments carried out in the lab:

  • Dust explosions
  • Dangers involved in dealing with combustible liquids and gases
  • Effects of corrosive substances
  • Measurement of various hazardous materials
  • Determination of flashpoints
  • Determination of flammability limits
  • Fire behaviour of metals
  • Testing of chemical permeation of protective gloves

Besides being used to put into practice the theory learned in various lectures, the labs are also used by students for semester projects and thesis work to explore in more depth the subjects which interest them (e.g. fire behaviour and classification of building materials, or the corrosivity of acids of various concentrations and/or exposure times).


O 1.12 Furtwangen

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