Lecturer with impact

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Photo of Professor Werner Riedel

Professor Werner Riedel lectures in the RIW master's programme.

Professor Werner Riedel from the Risk, Reliability and Safety Engineering master's programme achieves top position in Stanford ranking

The "impact" (i.e. effect and influence) of scientists is published every year in a report by Stanford University. Publicly accessible databases, such as Scopus, are analysed with regard to the most cited journal publications. Standardised information on citations, h-index and co-authorship is adjusted and summarised in categories. The selection thus identifies the best 210,000 or so scientists who reach the top percentile of two percent in terms of citation rates of their published work.(to the database)

Professor Werner Riedel from Fraunhofer EMI in Freiburg is assigned to this group of the world's best scientists by Stanford University in the category "Impact of the past year (2022)".

Werner Riedel has been active at Furtwangen University for over ten years in the Master's programme in Risk Engineering (formerly SSM Security & Safety Master) and ensures a complete teaching module in the field of Quantitative Risk Analysis. The students rate this module positively and at a very high technical level. "Prof. Riedel has already helped to establish the SSB and SSM degree programmes as a lecturer from the very beginning and has supported many excellent theses and a doctoral project," says Prof. Ulrich Weber about his esteemed colleague. The collaboration was always characterised by collegiality and pragmatism. "I hope for at least a decade of further collaboration," says Weber with a wink.