What is a scholarship?

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A quick overview

Have you just moved away from home and started your studies? Or have you been studying for a while and know the ropes?

No matter how far on you are in your studies: Maybe... 

  • you are wondering how you are going to finance your living expenses
  • you are thinking about how you can develop personally
  • or how you can best gain a foothold in the world of work

One way to answer your questions could be a scholarship. This is generally understood to mean financial support, for example for pupils, students or doctoral candidates, which does not have to be repaid. In most cases, talented and sometimes needy young people are supported in order to enable them to continue their education and training (financial support). Some scholarships are supplemented by other services, such as educational opportunities, exchange platforms or advisory services (non-material support). 

There are a large number of different scholarship providers in Germany: you can apply for a scholarship from over 2500 foundations, organisations and companies. Scholarships can be roughly divided into three blocks based on the scholarship provider:

  1. Internal link opens in the same window:Scholarship from the 13 Organisations for the Promotion of gifted Students (Begabtenförderungwerke)
  2. Internal link opens in the same window:Germany scholarship (Deutschlandstipendium)
  3. Internal link opens in the same window:Private scholarship providers
  • What does it mean for you to be a scholarship holder? "Having the opportunity to pursue my commitments, meet new people and develop personally alongside my studies thanks to the financial support, among other things." (Lena Kuttler - HFU, scholarship holder of the Evangelisches Studienwerk)

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