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Student Affairs

The Student Affairs Department of Furtwangen University is responsible for any questions our students may have regarding applications, admissions, enrolment and examinations, before, during and after their study time.

Included in this department are the Admissions Office (Zulassungsamt), which deals with applications and admissions, the Student Administration/Examinations Office (Prüfungsamt), which deals with everything from admissions to graduation, and afterwards, and General Academic Counselling.
The Student Affairs Department is responsible for:

  • General academic counselling
  • Applications and admissions
  • Administrative support in study place allocation procedures
  • Administrative support in exam procedures
  • Enrolment and re-enrolment
  • Maintainance of the student database
Admissions Office

The Admissions Office processes student applications. The staff of the Admissions Office are the first point of contact for any questions or information about applications or admissions such as:

  • Application
  • Admission requirements
  • Letters of admission

Admissions Office contact details

Furtwangen University
Admissions Office
Robert-Gerwig-Platz 1
78120 Furtwangen
Tel: 07723 920-1232
Fax: 07723 920-1239

Student Administration/Examinations Office

The staff of the Student Administration/Examinations Office undertake the centralized formal organization of all study programmes. They collect, process, and evaluate  all examination-related data. New students register here for their studies (enrolment/matriculation). The Student Administration/Examinations Office also provides students with advice and information on all aspects of the the Study and Examinations Regulations, in particular:

  • Registration for examinations
  • Leave of absence
  • Admission to next level of studies
  • Transcripts of records
  • Bonus and malus account



Contacts for study programmes - Student Administration/Examinations Office Furtwangen

Interactive Media Design (DIM) Master: Manuela Duffner
Computer Science in Media (MIB) Bachelor: Aileen Böhler
Computer Science in Media (MIM) Master: Manuela Duffner
Media Design (MKB) Bachelor: Manuela Duffner
Music Design (MD) Bachelor: Manuela Duffner
MusicDesign (MUM) Master: Manuela Duffner
Online Media (OMB) Bachelor: Aileen Böhler

Applied Health Promotion (AGF) Master: Aileen Böhler
Applied Health Sciences (AGW) Bachelor: Aileen Böhler
Interdisciplinary Health Promotion (IGF): Manuela Duffner
Physiotherapy (PT) Bachelor: Manuela Duffner
Risk, Reliability and Safety Engineering (RIW) Master: Aileen Böhler
Security & Safety Engineering (SSB) Bachelor: Carola Frank
Security & Safety Engineering (SSM) Master: Aileen Böhler

Computer Science (AIB) Bachelor: Aileen Böhler
Computer Science (AIN) Bachelor: Aileen Böhler
Computer Networking (CNB) Bachelor: Aileen Böhler
Computer Science (INM) Master: Carola Frank
IT Product Management (ITP) Bachelor: Carola Frank
Mobile Systems (MOS) Master: Carola Frank
Software Product Management (SPB) Bachelor: Carola Frank

Electronics and Technical Computer Science (ETI) Bachelor: Carola Frank
Electrical Engineering (ELA) Bachelor: Carola Frank
Information Communication Systems (ICS) Bachelor: Carola Frank
Smart Systems (SMA) Master: Aileen Böhler

Business Application Architectures (BAM) Master: Christiane Jung
Business Consulting (BCM) Master: Christiane Jung
Business Consulting (WIB) Bachelor: Christiane Jung
Business Networking (eBusiness) (WNB) Bachelor: Christiane Jung

Business Administration and Engineering - Marketing and Sales (MVB) Bachelor: Christiane Jung
Business Administration and Engineering - Product Engineering (PEB ) Bachelor: Carola Frank
Business Administration and Engineering - Sales & Service Engineering (SEM) Master: Manuela Duffner
Business Administration and Engineering - Service Management (SMB) Bachelor: Manuela Duffner
Business Administration and Engineering - Product Innovation (WPI) Master: Manuela Duffner

Contacts for study programmes - Student Administration/Examinations Office Schwenningen

Applied Biology (ANB) Bachelor: Katja Winterer
Bio and Process Technology (BPT) Bachelor: Katja Winterer
Medical Diagnostic Technologies (MDT) Master: Larissa Kaiser
Molecular and Technical Medicine (MTZ): Bachelor: Larissa Kaiser
Precision Medicine Diagnostics (PMD) Master: Larissa Kaiser
Sustainable Bioprocess Technology (NBT) Master: Larissa Kaiser
Technical Physician (TP) Master: Larissa Kaiser


Advanced Precision Engineering (APE) Master: Katja Seng
Biomedical Engineering (BE) Master: Katja Winterer
International Engineering (IEB) Bachelor: Katja Seng
Mechanical Engineering and Mechatronics (MM) Bachelor: Larissa Kaiser
Medical Engineering (MEB) Bachelor: Larissa Kaiser
Medical Engineering - Clinical Technologies (MKT) Bachelor: Larissa Kaiser
Micromedical Engineering (MZT) Master: Larissa Kaiser

Business Management and Psychology (BMP) Bachelor: Katja Seng
Executive Master of International Business Management (MBX) Master: Helga Fleig
International Business (IBW) Bachelor: Katja Seng
International Business Management (IBM) Bachelor: Katja Winterer
International Business Management (MBA) Master: Katja Seng
International Management (IMM) Master: Katja Seng

Contacts for study programmes - Academic Services Centre Tuttlingen

Applied Materials Sciences (AMW) Master: Annika Schimmel
Industrial Automation and Mechatronics (IAM) Bachelor: Sieglinde Saur
Industrial Manufacturing (IMF) Bachelor: Sieglinde Saur
Industrial Materials Engineering (IME) Bachelor: Annika Schimmel
Industrial MedTec (IMT) Bachelor: Sieglinde Saur
Engineering Psychology (IP) Bachelor: Sieglinde Saur
Mechatronics and Digital Production (MDP) Bachelor: Sieglinde Saur
Mechatronic Systems (MES) Master: Sieglinde Saur
Medical Engineering - Technologies and Development Processes (MTE) Bachelor: Sieglinde Saur
Technical Orientation (OT) Prep course: Sieglinde Saur
Materials Technology and Production (WFT) Bachelor: Annika Schimmel

Management Student Affairs