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Limited access in FELIX - only for authorized participants
In your FELIX courses use a booking method with a time limit, ideally with an access code.
For more information, see FELIX help card External link opens in a new window:10-030.

Use the libraries:
Take advantage of the HFU libraries offer and provide links in your FELIX course to licensed e-books and electronic journals instead of uploading chapters from books and articles.
For more information, see FELIX help card External link opens in a new window:30-130.

Changes in inter-library lending regulations

Procedures for inter-library loans in libraries are set out in § 60e (5).

Please note the following changes:

  • Inter-library loans in libraries can only deliver copies for non-commercial purposes. It is now necessary to confirm when placing the order that the copies ordered will be used for a non-commercial purpose. You can confirm this directly, if you order over our online catalogue.
  • The delivery of copies from published works is limited to 10% of the work.
  • The order/delivery of copies from newspapers and so-called 'kiosk magazines' (e.g. Stern, Focus) is no longer permitted within the framework of inter-library loans. Inter-library loans of magazines is only permitted for "specialist and scientific journals".
  • Inter-library loans of historical journals is only permitted if the copyright of the article ordered has already expired, i.e. in the case of a well-known author, 70 years after his or her death, or if no author is given, 70 years after the publishing of the article.
  • Individual deliveries to users within Germany is now permitted without any limitations in the form of delivery, so that electronic delivery is now possible. Until the technical changes necessary are carried out, however, only paper copies will be delivered.


The libraries and Learning Services are happy to support you in adapting your courses to the legal requirements: urheberrecht(at)