Innovation and Research Centre

The Tuttlingen Innovation and Research Centre (IFC) of Furtwangen University opened its doors in summer 2018. It represents a research milestone in Tuttlingen. As a university of applied sciences, HFU will carry out applied research and development at IFC. Close to the university campus, it also offers innovative, technologically oriented companies, entrepreneurs and start-ups 2,650m² of space for creativity and access to the R&D facilities of HFU.

Core Activities

The goal of the IFC is to support the Region and the regional SMEs in the strengthening of research, development, innovation and entrepreneurialism:

  • Joint projects with industry and contract research with SMEs
  • Support and expansion of innovation and research activities in SMEs
  • Advice and support in entrepreneurial activities
  • Encouragement of cooperation between academia, associations, industry and politics
  • Provision of professional development courses
  • Provision of co-working spaces for creative minds

Added Value for Companies

  • Research or development projects between University and companies
  • More flexible access to existing infrastructure
  • Proximity to University and therefore cooperation with students, staff and professors
  • Use of continuing education activities of HFU Akademie
  • Building of networks through events, trade fairs and exhibitions
  • Interface to University on general topics of cooperation and joint ventures

Partners for Student Entrepreneurs

  • Free use of student central offices
  • Consulting and networking services
  • Coaching
  • Interface to University
  • Meeting rooms

Service Provider for Start-Ups

  • Consulting and networking services
  • Coaching
  • Offices and labs at reasonable rates
  • Interface to University


Like the university campus of Tuttlingen, the IFC is sponsored by various partners: the EU provided  €4.55m, the state €1.82m for the building, while €2.5m each was paid by the Town and Region of Tuttlingen. Furtwangen University as the operator can offer start-ups, companies and cluster organizations rooms in the IFC and access to the labs of the University.

  • Town of Tuttlingen
  • Region of Tuttlingen
  • Regio Win
  • Europäische Union – European Funds for Regional Development
  • EFRE Baden-Württemberg
  • State of  Baden-Württemberg

Applied Research at HFU

The Institute for Applied Research (IAF) is the umbrella organization for research and development at HFU. Currently there are 10 Research Institutes working in 6 Fields of Research. The IAF strengthens the transfer of knowledge from the University to partners in business and science and ensures that teaching content is current.
The IFC is an important milestone in the expansion of applied research particularly on the university campus in Tuttlingen. Together with the network partner, CoHMed (Connected Health in Medical Mountains), whose management will also be based in the IFC, the Innovation and Research Centre is located at the growth centre of medical technology in the Region and aims to sustainably strengthen the innovation capability of the Region.


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