Computer Museum

The Rechnermuseum Furtwangen (Furtwangen computer museum) shows visitors and students thefascinating history of computer science. More than four centuries are covered, from simple calculation devices like the abacus and slide rules through the first handmade and industrial produced calculation machines to modern computers.

Individual machines from the Black Forest show the local contribution to the history of computers. Visitors can learn to understand how mechanical calculation machines work through Perspexmodels. Such models were developed back in the 1960s as part of thesis work at the university. Also on view are computers and analogue computers developed at the university.

Another aspect of the museum covers the rapid development of office technology during the 20thcentury, including historic typewriters, Dictaphones and similar equipment.

The museum was founded in 1982 by Prof. Dr. Bischoff and has been built up to what it is today mainly through donated items.

Part of the permanent collection is freely accessible on the upper floor of the university’s mail building (A-Building). The complete collection with approximately 250 items can be viewed as part of a pre-arranged tour.

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Hochschule Furtwangen
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To arrange a tour:
phone: +49 7723 920-2184 
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