Strategy and Communications

The Strategy and Communications Department is a central facility which manages and orchestrates strategic project management, press and public relations and website presence.


Press office

  • responds to press and media enquiries regarding the University
  • informs the public of developments in the areas of teaching, research, training and international initiatives
  • provides editors with current press releases on the latest developments at the University
  • facilitates contact with specialists in various fields of research
  • provides advice and support to the faculties and central services of the Unversity in all areas of of press-related public relations

Media relations

Website team

  • creates German and English content for
  • trains decentralised editors
  • advises and supports central services and university faculties


English website


HFU Pro Prof project (FH Personal)

Funding from the FH Personal programme (Federal Ministry of Education and Research and Ministry of Science and Art Baden-Württemberg) will be used to implement measures that will have a long-term effect at HFU:

  • Systematic contact cultivation with high potentials will be established, including career coaching and mentoring
  • Tandem positions in collaboration with the regional business community offer the required practical experience for doctoral students
  • Online media are used to convey a realistic picture of the requirements of a professorship
  • Newly appointed persons - including their family - are integrated at HFU and in the region, with particular attention being paid to diversity and the compatibility of career and family