Fees, costs and funding

Semester fees
All students at Furtwangen University pay fees in the amount of €130 every semester in addition to any tuition fees required (see below).

Tuition fees for non-EU citizens
In 2017, the Baden-Württemberg government introduced tuition fees of €1500 per semester for non-EU students. However, there are many exemptions to the requirement that non-EU students pay tuition fees of €1,500 per semester. More information can be found here.

National and international students can apply to numerous organisations for a scholarship. More information can be found Externer Link wird in neuem Fenster geöffnet:here.

Living costs
Living costs average €934 per month and are the sole responsibility of the student. For the student visa you are required to provide proof of financial means in this amount throughout the period of the study programme. Please note that this is a minimum requirement and that actual living costs may be higher depending on your choice of accommodation and use of local amenities. Financial support from the university for living expenses is not available.