Tobias Lombacher MBA alumni 2010
"Attending the HFU MBA was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Especially the entrepreneurial atmosphere and a close integration of real business cases made the experience valuable. Coming from an engineering background, staff and curriculum enabled me to integrate both areas thoroughly."
Tobias Lombacher, Germany, alumni of 2010, Head of R&D, Singapore

Course Description

HRM Lesson Armin Trost

The HFU MBA is a full-time, three-semester program. Students must complete all required core courses in each semester, and a master's thesis in order to graduate.The thesis is a formal piece of written work prepared either individually or, in some cases, as a joint effort. This may be carried out in collaboration with a real company as the basis of research and practical application. The thesis will be a scientific exploration into a practical business problem. It should be written and submitted in English and you will be guided by two supervisors, usually professors of our Faculty.

The course is typically completed within 18 months of submission of the thesis paper.

Study and examination regulations