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New generic BioNMPC for the development of dynamic bioeconomic processes

New biologically inspired and biotechnological processes will make important contributions to the establishment of the bioeconomy. The global market of bioengineered chemicals will be worth up to $600 billion by 2025. Adaptive Non-linear Model Predictive Controllers (NMPC) can be used during the development of new resource-efficient biotechnological processes to optimise them, significantly shortening their development time (time-to-market).

The project idea underlying this project is a novel generic adaptive bio-NMPC (genBioNMPC) for accelerated development of dynamic bioeconomic processes (process development controller). This will enable the use of dynamic information for process optimisation while a process is still running, which is not possible with, for example, statistical experimental design strategies.

In the exploratory phase, it will be investigated how the genBioNMPC can be rapidly developed into a marketable (partial) product portfolio which will be highly beneficial for bioeconomically oriented industry. The result should be a promising concept for conducting a feasibility study (proof of concept) on the process development controller genBioNMPC.


The project is funded by the German Ministry of Education and Research as part of the "New Products for the Bioeconomy" (IBÖ) ideas competition.

  • Federal Ministry of Education and Research