Digital technologies for the care of dementia sufferers

Demand-oriented technical solutions can make a valuable contribution to the care and support of those suffering from dementia. Their potential is far from being exhausted. The DIDEM project therefore aims to develop and evaluate new approaches to the use of digital technologies in the care of people with dementia, focusing on the quality of life of dementia sufferers and the family caregivers.

Sound and music-related interactive media and AI-supported approaches for the social care of dementia sufferers will be investigated in various subprojects. A newly developed virtual coach will support caregiving relatives. The technical development projects are carried out by employing nursing science and a participatory approach with users.

AI-based approaches in social care for people with dementia

Digital media used today, for example, on tablets as part of reminiscence care, have considerable potential for individualising care initiatives, which is also becoming increasingly important in view of the growing differentiation of lifestyles in care for the elderly.

However, the identification of suitable content as well as the design and evaluation of high-quality care products is very labour-intensive and places high qualification demands on caregivers. Suitable individual content for PWD currently has to be identified "manually" and evaluated in terms of its suitability. In practice, therefore, a very limited pool of
standard content. Dynamic response to interaction with residents is also not possible with the tools currently available. Therefore, the individual activation and care required for high-quality, biography-based care (as opposed to mere occupation) remains a major challenge, despite digital content actually being extensively available.

The project will therefore design, develop, and evaluate AI-supported tools (including recommendation systems) for the (partially) automatic identification, evaluation, compilation, and interactive use of individual digital content.

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The project is funded by the Carl Zeiss Foundation as part of the Transfer programme.

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