Study and internship abroad

Experience abroad as a career plus

Study and internship abroad (I12981-1)

International experience is an advantage especially in the research-oriented Life Sciences. At Furtwangen University (HFU) there are several ways to spend a period of time abroad during your studies. HFU has many partnerships with prestigious universities in other countries. Additionally, it is possible to do an internship or the bachelor's thesis with a company or institute abroad.

Approximately 10 % of Molecular and Technical Medicine students go abroad for a semester, and somewhat more do an internship abroad.

The best time for a 6-to-12-month period abroad is generally at the end of the foundation level studies, preferably in the 6th semester. The semester abroad should always be well-planned far in advance.

The contact for the Semester abroad for the Molecular and Technical Medicine programme is Frau Prof. Ulrike Fasol, and for the internship semester, Frau Prof. Meike Burger.

Further information, including scholarships, can be found here.

Nadine Odenthal, Internship at the Queensland Institute of Medical Research, Brisbane, Australia: "I would recommend this experience to everyone."