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Become a sought-after professional! Gain the necessary know-how and experience for the trends of the future in the fields of digital business, computer science and data science or artificial intelligence!

Business Information Systems graduates are ideally qualified for positions in a booming international job market and can expect excellent, above-average starting salaries.

Digitisation is the largest growth market in the world. Profit from computer science and shape digital business!  Analyse markets, customer needs and business requirements. Learn problem-solving skills. Implement business information systems in companies and create solutions or apps for everyday use.

Experts in computer science and business information systems are in demand in the industrial location of Baden-Württemberg, but also in Germany and in companies worldwide. Our business information graduates can pursue a variety of exciting career paths.

The professions after studying business information systems in the fields of technology, IT, data science, artificial intelligence and digital business management are extremely diverse and varied. Job opportunities and career possibilities after studying business information systems are exciting.

Together with each and every one of our students, we analyse the individual profile of particular interests, strengths and professional skills and develop an individual career plan.

We regularly analyse numerous job advertisements and not only provide our students with an overview of the jobs available after studying Business Information Systems, but also develop the range of unique teaching events in the International Business Information Systems degree programme to meet the needs of companies.

Business information systems graduate positions:

  • Supply chain manager at an e-commerce platform
  • Data strategy manager in a company in the automotive industry / automotive manufacturer
  • Business analyst in an investment company
  • Project manager in a software company
  • Consultant for digital business strategies
  • Accounting and SAP experts in financial consulting company
  • ERP manager
  • SAP developer
  • IT system developer
  • Business Intelligence Manager
  • Entrepreneurs in start-ups
  • Digital marketing manager in online travel agency
  • E-commerce manager in online fashion portal
  • Data scientist in social media company
  • IT manager in machine tool manufacturer
  • Software developer in software company

Our business IT specialists find jobs in leading companies in various sectors, such as:

  • Daimler, Audi, BMW, Porsche (car manufacturer)
  • Lufthansa, HolidayCheck, TUI (tourism)
  • eBay, Lidl, Amazon, (e-commerce, online retail)
  • Hugo Boss, Adidas, FC Bayern München (fashion brand management)
  • Springer Verlag, Haufe Verlag (publishing)
  • IBM, SAP, Hewlett Packard, Bosch (software development)
  • Siemens, Bosch, Sick (mechanical engineering, industrial automation)
  • Accenture, BCG, SAP, BurdaDigital (consulting, marketing)
  • Deloitte, PriceWaterhouse, Ernst & Young (auditing, consulting)

Job-related and application-oriented learning right from the start:
Close contacts with industry mean that managers are invited to the faculty to work with students on case studies and practical exercises to gain first-hand insights into current topics. Students make early contacts with industry at Furtwangen University's biannual career fair, where they meet with representatives from more than 90 different companies. After just 1½ years of studying business information systems, our students have the opportunity to gain their first on-the-job experience in the IT sector as part of an internship

More than 65% of our students have a part-time job two days a week. Students cover their living expenses with a part-time job. More than 60 companies in the region offer study-related internships. Successful applicants earn up to €700 or €800 a month, even if they only work during semester breaks, internship semesters and thesis semesters.

After graduating with a bachelor's degree and at least one year of work experience, graduates can further qualify with the Business Consulting Master's programme, which is also taught in English (3 additional semesters).

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