Applied Materials Sciences Bachelor (I26027)

Applied Materials Sciences

Bachelor of Science

We shape the future!

No matter what the manufacturing process or product is – the materials the products are made of are key. Whether implants in medical technology, tools for the metal industry or systems for regenerative energies - the demand for expertise in innovative materials and their machining processes is huge!

This degree programme prepares students in the best possible way for the demands of the modern professional world. In small groups, you gain future-relevant and practice-oriented specialist knowledge in the following key areas:

  • Additive Manufacturing
    The 3D printing process is becoming increasingly important in medical technology, for example. Custom-fit, one-of-a-kind products that are manufactured individually for each patient - a future-relevant field with great potential! In this field, we also look at bionics, the transfer of phenomena and structures from nature to technical products.
  • Lightweight construction
    Products are becoming smaller, more multifunctional and more sophisticated. For environmental reasons, but also for cost reasons, companies are dependent on using fewer and fewer materials but with better properties. This literally requires lighter but more intelligent construction methods.
  • Innovative materials
    The earth's resources are finite. You will gain specialist know-how on promising materials and will be working on the exciting material themes of the future such as magnetism or supra- or semiconductors, as well as hybrid materials.
  • Biomedical materials
    As a leading university, we are dedicated to the materials science aspect of biomedical materials. We develop innovative materials for e.g. implants and medical instruments for the medical technology of tomorrow!
  • Environmental technology and regenerative systems
    Environmental and climate protection are the major topics of our time. Whether hydrogen, photovoltaic and wind power systems or the topic of e-mobility - you will become a sought-after specialist when you graduate!

Programme syllabus

The Applied Materials Sciences (BSc) programme is designed to take seven semesters.

In the first two semesters, fundamentals of materials science, plastics and manufacturing technology, materials science and natural science subjects as well as technical mechanics, design and business administration are taught.

In the following five semesters, subjects such as surface technology, laser material processing, damage science and the main topics of additive manufacturing, lightweight construction, innovative and biomedical materials, environmental technology and regenerative systems are added.

The fourth semester is a practical semester; here you will apply your expertise directly in companies, gain important practical experience and make your first contacts in the working world.

After taking an elective module and completing your bachelor thesis in the seventh semester, you will be awarded a "Bachelor of Science" degree.

With this, you can either start on your career right away - or continue on your academic path.  Specialist master's degree programmes are offered on the Tuttlingen university campus; doctoral studies and entry into research are also possible.

Study deluxe: Applied Materials Sciences as an Industrial Degree

The Bachelor of Applied Materials Sciences on the University Campus in Tuttlingen can also be taken as a Trainee degree with a focus on practice in the form of a cooperative programme, or as a Study Plus degree with a Chamber of Commerce vocational qualification. Internal link opens in the same window:Find out more!

Career opportunities

Graduates of the Applied Materials Sciences (BSc) programme work and think creatively and holistically. Through the increasing complexity of product development, the application of innovative materials and their processing is becoming more and more of a key technology. Companies gain a competitive advantage in business, the environment and product policy by having relevant know-how in the specialist area of materials technology and manufacturing because specialists design products and manufacturing processes taking functionality, sustainability and efficiency into consideration. Job and career opportunities for engineers in the area of Materials Technology are excellent!

Graduates can work in a variety of sectors ranging from the manufacture of medical devices and instruments to automotive production, aerospace and the production of a whole range of goods.

The Materials Laboratory - an outstanding addition to the Tuttlingen Campus

The Department of Materials Science at the Tuttlingen University Campus has an extremely well-equipped materials laboratory. Bachelor's and Master's students, doctoral candidates and companies can conduct experiments here for practical work or research and development. The university and the company have so far invested more than €1.5 million in the technical equipment of the laboratory. This means an outstanding working environment for students, professors, doctoral students and companies.

Study in the technology hotspot of Tuttlingen

Tuttlingen is not only the world centre of medical technology. Core industries also include mechanical and plant engineering, metalworking, precision engineering, machine tools, sensors, drive and control technology, and automation and manufacturing technology, making it one of the strongest industrial regions in the state and in Germany.

The Applied Materials Sciences programme on the Internal link opens in the same window:Tuttlingen Campus is run in close cooperation with industry. Well-known companies have joined forces to form the Friends of University Campus Tuttlingen and are actively involved in the setting up and teaching of the Applied Materials Sciences programme curriculum. So the Applied Materials Sciences degree is practical, up-to-the-minute and "powered by industry".

Apply by 15 July!
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  • ECTS 210 ECTS
  • Programme duration 7 Semesters
  • Campus Tuttlingen Campus
  • Faculty Industrial Technologies
  • Programme begins Winter semester (October)
  • Application deadline 15 July (winter semester)
  • Entry requirements University entrance qualification
  • Teaching Language German
  • Accreditation Yes (accredited through the university system accreditation)