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Student internship semester abroad (SMP)

ERASMUS+ is a programme for education, youth and sport set up by the European Union. The new ERASMUS+ programme combines the previous EU programmes for lifelong learning, youth and sport and the European cooperation programmes at university level.

Students can apply for an ERASMUS+ scholarship in order to do an internship in a company or organization in a European programme country.

Type and Duration of Funding

Scholarships are available in the following cases:

  • Internships of between 2 and 12 months (multiple applications possible), which are carried out abroad but within Europe.
  • Internships which take place within one year after graduation, in cases where the application takes place within the last year of study.

Feedback reports from ERASMUS-funded interns can be found here.

Information on travel insurance and the feedback report can be found on the "External link opens in a new window:Semester Abroad" webpage. Both are mandatory for participation in the ERASMUS+ programme.

Advantages of an ERASMUS internship abroad
  • EU internship contract between university, company and student
  • Academic accreditation of internship
  • Supervision during internship by a contact in both the home university and the company
  • Financial support for extra costs incurred through internship abroad
  • Organisational support (cultural, language, organisational)
  • Extra financial support for students with children
  • Extra financial support for students with disabilities



HFU students who do an internship in a company abroad but within Europe can apply for a scholarship at the Karlsruhe Coordination Office (KOOR-Erasmus Services BW).

Application deadline: you can apply at any time, however KOOR-Erasmus Services BW must have your complete documentation at latest one month before the start of the internship.

Advice is available from the KOOR-Erasmus Services BW team in Karlsruhe:

Please note:

When entering information in the application form about possible ERASMUS+ funding amounts already received, the following will be asked:

  • Start of the funding period (incl. zero grant)
  • End of the funding period (incl. zero grant)

This refers to the start and end of the period of stay (regardless of the funding period), which you have already indicated in the Letter of confirmation for study periods.

Important: If you have to change your internship place or interrupt your internship during the funding period, it is essential that you inform the Karlsruhe Coordination Office. Otherwise your scholarship may have to be repaid!

ERASMUS Documents at HFU

Although the ERASMUS scholarship for internships is neither coordinated nor awarded by HFU itself, the following 3 documents must nevertheless be signed at HFU:

  1. Application form (signed by the International Center)
    Contact: Ani Andree Email application is started:ani(at)
  2. Learning Agreement (signed by Faculty Internship Coordinator)
  3. Confirmation of Internship Completion (signed by Faculty Internship Coordinator; please submit with the "Traineeship Certificate" of the internship company)

If you require the original document, please attach a stamped, addressed envelope. Otherwise you will receive the documents as a scan by email.