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Eight „Deutschlandstipendien“-scholarships available for HFU students

Application deadline 22rd October 2021

Furtwangen University students now have the opportunity to apply for a „Deutschlandstipendium“ scholarship. For the 2021/2022 academic year, eight scholarships will be awarded to motivated and  gifted students. The scholarships are donated by companies and organisations and topped up with funds from the federal budget. The monthly scholarship amount is €300. Application deadline is Friday, 22rd October 2021.

The following scholarships are available, in each case for one year:

  • three scholarships unconnected to a Faculty or study programme,
  • two scholarships for the HFU Business School,
  • one scholarship for the Faculty of Business Information Systems,
  • one scholarship for the Faculty of Mechanical & Medical Engineering or the Faculty of Business Administration and Engineering
  • one scholarship for the Mechatronics and Digital Production (Mechatronik und Digitale Produktion), Materials Technology and Manufacturing (Werkstoff- und Fertigungstechnik), International Engineering or Mechanical Engineering and Mechatronics (Maschinenbau und Mechatronik) study programmes.

The Deutschlandstipendium scholarship aims to support students who have shown themselves capable of outstanding academic and professional performance. Selection criteria include proven social and community involvement, as well as the ability to overcome challenging obstacles in life and educational background.

How to apply
If you are an academic overachiever, then apply online to the following email address only: Email application is started:deutschlandstipendium(at), attaching the following in PDF format:

  1. a Letter of Motivation of maximum one page in length, including study programme, faculty and matriculation number,
  2. a signed and scanned informal permission to access your study, examination and other data as held by HFU’s student affairs department for use exclusively to decide the award of Deutschlandstipendium scholarships for the academic year 2021/2022,
  3. an informal list of any other scholarships or academic funds you will or may receive during the same period as the Deutschlandstipendium,
  4. a CV in tabular (German) format,
  5. University entrance qualification certificate. For international certificates, please also submit a translation, grades transferred to their German equivalent, by an official body.,
  6. where applicable proof of special qualification permitting admission to a particular study programme at HFU,
  7. master programme applicants should also submit the first university degree certificate. For international certificates, please also submit a translation, grades transferred to their German equivalent, by an official body,
  8. if applicable, internship and employment references,
  9. if applicable, additional proof of special awards and prizes, other skills and further community involvement, as well as
  10. if applicable, further documents, which indicate your suitability for the scholarship as per the aims of the Deutschlandstipendium scholarship.

When applying and submitting your documents, please make sure that you fulfil the following binding provisions:

  • the application has to be sent from your HFU-email-account. For security reasons any documents sent from other accounts cannot be opened.
  • All documents have to be submitted as attachments to a single email. They have to be in PDF-format. The file names have to be clear and pertinent. We are unable to process any other file formats. The total volume of all attachment cannot exceed 15 MB.
  • Please make sure that your information and documentation is complete, in particular make sure to submit all attachments listed above as no.s 1.-5. and 7.
  • Any application documents not originally in German or English have to be submitted together with a translation into German certified by a German government body (“amtlich beglaubigt”).

Should you be selected for a scholarship, you will have to show the originals or German government office certified copies of all documents at a later date. Re-applications by both previous recipients and unsuccessful applicants are not only possible but encouraged. You can find information on the possibilities of combining a Deutschlandstipendium with other scholarships here (in German only):

Application deadline is Friday, 22rd October 2021, we expect to make a decision regarding the award of the scholarships sometime in November. The scholarships will be awarded retrospectively to the start of the academic year. Any applications which are incomplete or not submitted by the deadline or in accordance with our formal requirements will not be considered during the selection process; for organisational reasons, we cannot accept any queries by HFU in this regard and neither are we able to inform an applicant that they will not be considered.