Technology Centre

Aims and objectives:

In the biological / process engineering Technology Centre of the Faculty of Medical & Life Sciences, both individual process engineering procedural steps and complete processes are carried out on a pilot plant scale. The focus of the Technology Centre is the execution of bioprocesses for product synthesis. The aim is to use renewable raw materials as well as residual and waste materials from other processes to synthesise new products sustainably.


    A -1.06 + A -1.17 Schwenningen Campus

    Opening hours

    • Mon – Thu 8.00 – 5.00
    • Fri 8.00 – 3.00


    Technology Centre (I20310-1)


    Practicals and student classwork

    Technology Centre (I20311-1)

    Practicals, student work:

    Students can individually plan, carry out and evaluate various process steps or parts of processes directly on the plant, and use analytical methods during the process.


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