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Cell Biology (S1 Lab)

The lab has state-of-the-art equipment for eukaryotic cell cultures with clean benches, incubators and microscopes

Field of work:

  • Tumour biology
  • Cell biology
  • Cell cultivation methods


  • Incubators
  • Clean benches

Practicals/student coursework: Cell Culture practical, BME principles practical, supervision of coursework and bachelor's and master's theses in BPT, MDT, MTZ and MME programmes.


The focus of Prof Müller's workgroup is on the establishment and further development of complex 3D in vitro models for the healing of wounds, tumour-stroma interaction and metastasis as a substitute for animal testing in the medical research and development of therapeutics. In earlier work the workgroup was able to make a considerable contribution to tumour progression and metastasis using complex cytokine-interaction-activated tumour stromas. The decoding of a complex tumour-challenging cytokine network made clear that both activated fibroblasts and inflammatory cells of the tumour stroma, promote tumour progression, angiogenesis and metastasis.


A 2.08a Schwenningen Campus