Internship semesters and semesters abroad at the Faculty of Business Administration and Engineering

Internship semester

In order to put theory into practice and to deepen understanding, students carry out an internship in a company in their 5th semester. They are supervised during this period by a University professor. Preparation for and debriefing of the internship semester is carried out in block seminars at the University.

Information about the internship semester can be downloaded here.

Notification of internship semester

The Examinations Office must be notified that you are taking an internship semester by 01.03. (Summer Semester) or by 01.09. (Winter Semester) at latest. If you cannot begin your internship semester after they have been notified, either due to Study and Examinations Regulations or for personal reasons, the Examinations Office must be informed.

Note: during the internship semester you will not be registered for any examinations, however you have the option of taking up to two resit examinations. You are responsible for registering for these examinations yourself (during the semester; at latest in the final week of lectures).

The "Notification of Internship Semester" can be downloaded here.

Semester abroad

An international outlook is an important aspect of the Faculty of Business Administration and Engineering (WING) and of our teaching. Every WING student has several opportunities to go abroad during their study programme, for the internship semester and/or to carry out the bachelor's thesis. It is expected that this will take place either in the  6th or the 7th study semester.
Where you spend the semester abroad is entirely up to you. The University currently has cooperative agreements with approximately 140 partner universities. Of these, 35 are partnerships exclusively with the Faculty of Business Administration and Engineering. The International Center (IC) can help you with the organization of a semester abroad at any of these partner universities. Detailed information on a semester abroad can be found on the International Center webpages: Study and work abroad. You will also find useful tips and information on internships abroad here.

The double-degree programme is an exclusive offer for the 3 bachelor's study programmes in the Faculty of Business Administration and Engineering. In one or two years, besides their bachelor's degree in one of the WING programmes, students can gain an additional bachelor's with honours degree or even a master's degree at Edinburgh Napier University in Edinburgh, Scotland. For details on application, accreditation and financing please contact the International Coordinators of the Faculty of Business Administration and Engineering.

International coordinators at the Faculty of Business Administration and Engineering

    Incomings: Prof. Dr. Ulrich Kallmann | Outgoings: Prof. Lutz Leuendorf

    Recommended procedure

    First you should consider which university you would like to go to. The International Coordinators and the International Center (IC) can help you here. Please be aware that depending on the university, this decision will need to be made one or two semesters in advance. Taking into consideration the time you need to collect information and seek advice, you should be thinking about a suitable programme and organizing financing already two to three semesters in advance.

    A map with all our partner universities around the world can be found in the Study Abroad Options databank.

    • The exact application procedure and deadlines for partner universities can be found under Study and work abroad.
    • Free-movers have a free choice of universities. For more information, check with the international coordinators of the university selected.


    Accreditation of the semester abroad is carried out by the HFU International Coordinator based on the credits gained. The certificate gained abroad must be submitted to the International Coordinator to allow them to calculate the equivalent German grade. This grade is then forwarded to the Examinations Office.

    The study semesters spent abroad will be noted on the final degree certificate.