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Director International Semester (Rektoratsbeauftragter International Semester)
Link öffnet sich im gleichen Fenster:Director Sustainable Development (Senatsbeauftragter für Nachhaltigkeit)

Achim P. Karduck has been appointed as Professor for Telematics at Furtwangen University, Germany by the State of Baden-Württemberg in 1998. At Furtwangen University, he co-established the degree program of Computer Networking and is responsible for the international collaborations in the area of Computer Science/Information Systems. He is the director for International Campus Furtwangen appointed by the Vice Chancelor, and the director for Sustainable Development of Furtwangen University appointed by the Senate.

His research activities are in the area of Software and Systems Architectures and Telematics, Collaborative Systems, Mobility and Innovation, Machine Learning and Health, and Digital Ecosytems for Social, Economic, and Ecologic Development (SEED). Often, the research is conducted in conjunction with leading industrial partners and benefit from the strong links with international research centers. He has lectured and researched internationally at Grand Ecole IMT (Albi, France), Shanghai Jiao Tong University (China), Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina (Brazil), and Curtin University (Perth, Australia).

Achim P. Karduck holds a Diplom degree (comparable to B.Sc. Hons.) from Furtwangen University (Germany), a Master of Science degree in Man-Computer Systems from De Montfort University (UK), and a Ph.D. in Telematics from Freiburg University (Germany), IIG-Institute for Telematics. During this time, he had placements in the software development at Hewlett-Packard (Böblingen) and Nixdorf-Computer - Office Automation (Berlin), as freelance software engineer at CAE-consulting (Freiburg), scientific employee at the Research Center for Applied Knowledge Engineering (FAW, Ulm), and scientific employee at Freiburg University.

After his Ph.D., Achim P. Karduck headed the Innovation Department for Information Systems of Swiss Bank Corporation in Basel, Switzerland. Subsequently, he was appointed head of UBS Private Banking New Technologies US in New York, USA.

Lectures and Current Activities

  • Computer Networks:
    BSc in Applied Computer Networking, Faculty Computer Science
  • Mobility and Innovation:
    Master of Science Mobile Systems, Faculty Computer Science
  • Science in eBusiness:
    Master of Science Computer Science in Media, Faculty Digital Meda
  • Collaborative Systems:
    within International Semester of Furtwangen University and Master programs
  • IT and Sustainable Development:
    within International Semester of Furtwangen University
  • Software Architecture:
    BSc in Applied Computer Science, Faculty Computer Science
  • Software and System Architecture:
    BSc in IT Product Management, Faculty Computer Science
  • International Coordinator Computer Science
  • Director International Semester
  • Director HFU Sustainable Development

Research Focus

The current active research involvements encompass four interdependent areas. They encompass domain specific applicable research with regional enterprises with project and thesis involvement, and the strong international network of University partners. The four areas are:

  • System Architectures and Resilient Infrastructures: in cooperation with University of New South Wales (Canberra, Australia), Cardio Secure (Frankfurt), Fraunhofer FIT (St. Augustin), and companies e.g. in the area of Mobility and Innovation
  • Resource Optimization: in cooperation with Murdoch University (Environment and Life, Australia), De Montfort University (Institute of Energy and Sustainable Development (UK)
  • Innovation Adoption: in cooperation with the IEEE international conference series DEST (Digital Ecosystem and Smart Technologies).
  • Digital Ecosystems and Sustainable Development: in cooperation with Smart Green Accelerator (Freiburg), iFOSSF (International Foundation for Free and Open Source Solutions) and Abamix/BONA Society (for Developing Regions).

Recent domain specific involvements include:

  • Large Enterprises, such Daimler Research or SAP Research
  • Medium Size Enterprises with global reach from the „wvib Black Forest Ltd. Network“, such as Sick GmbH, Endress + Hauser GmbH, Testo GmbH
  • Applied Research Institutes, such as Fraunhofer FIT and ISE
  • Startup Ecosystem, such as Smart Green Accelerator (Freiburg)
  • etc.

SEED at IEEE DEST 2013 and iFOSSF in Menlo Park

Portfolios: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7ZN2oak9Bic&list=PLqTt5uFRO2pWNj8UpgWYfN7WWkav87LLz

Selected Conference Organization and Publications

Read more: www.informatik.hs-furtwangen.de/~karduck