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Networking via blockchain

Collaborative smart contracting platform for digital value creation networks

KOSMoS aims to develop a platform for inter-company networking of production and process data. The basic technology used for this is the blockchain. New offers and business models should be able to be integrated into the platform, e.g. clear maintenance concepts, dynamic leasing or easier proof of quality of products delivered. This business model benefits all firms working together. for example through cheaper prices, lower maintenance or easier product sales.

The Institute for Data Science, Cloud Computing and IT-Security at HFU will carry out the sub-project for secure and data protection-compliant data management in the collaborative smart contracting platform for digital value-creation networks.

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The project is funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) within the framework of the "Innovations for the Production, Service and Work of Tomorrow" research programme in the "Industry 4.0 - Collaborations in dynamic value-creation Networks" (lnKoWe) funding stream. Reference code: FKZ 02P17D022.


  • KOSMoS (I3052)

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