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Gardion is all about digital self-determination. An innovative network security product for individuals, the self-employed and small businesses, Gardion enables its customers to access the Internet securely and with minimal data, both in the office and on the move. Hosted exclusively in Germany with German providers, Gardion guarantees its customers maximum data protection and legal security. Gardion consists of two components, the virtual private network (VPN) and a powerful filtering and analysis system for network traffic.

For the target group, Gardion represents a real innovation, as comparable security products were previously only available in the corporate environment. The VPN is available on all operating systems and encrypts the entire Internet traffic of an end device. The Gardion servers then filter according to the user's specifications, based on the IP addresses, domain names or other metadata of the network traffic.

If you're also tired of only being able to move online under the watchful eye of large corporations, you can now join as a supporter of the first hour. On June 23, 2020, Gardion's crowdfunding campaign will begin on

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