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Distributed Access Control for the Internet of Things

The DAC4IoT project deals with the problems presented by access control in the context of the Internet of Things and drafts appropriate solutions.

The progressive miniaturization of computer-based devices and the opportunity to monitor environments and have tasks carried out autonomously, is revolutionizing the way we live, learn and work today and will continue to do so in the future. Cyber-physical systems with the ability to communicate in various ways form the Internet of Things (IoT). IoT is a paradigm which is already being used as backbone technology for various application domains, for example, for Industry 4.0 or smart homes. To avoid unauthorized access to devices, the rights of the person seeking access must be checked. Although centralized access control is one such strategy, it avoids direct communication between devices and thus differs from the intended IoT paradigm.

In the DAC4IoT project, the focus is on the efficient distribution of access control systems and their components in the Internet of Things. The often unused calculation resources of the IoT devices are used to enable direct communication as intended in the IoT paradigm.



Scholarship through the Cooperative PhD Programme – Services Computing, at the Herman Hollerith Zentrum (HHZ) of the University of Stuttgart and Reutlingen University.

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