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Provision of teaching and experimental environments for the use of GPU-based applications in teaching

The bwGPUL project sponsored by the Baden-Württemberg Ministry of Science, Research and The Arts (MWK) aims to develop and implement prototypes for solutions for sustainable and cost-effective GPU resources for teaching in the state in a timely manner.

This will be achieved by building upon existing infrastructure as far as possible, including that of the computer rooms, and using synergies with computer-intensive applications beyond artificial intelligence (AI) such as CAD, MATLAB and other simulation applications. The organisational and technical approach of bwLehrpool, which is already well-established in numerous universities and universities of applied sciences in Baden-Württemberg, will also be used, making faster rollout and intensive involvement of user groups in the development possible. In addition workshops will be organised with various working groups including the CAD-CAM working group, bwCloud, bwHPC, in order to advance the state-wide strategy on state services together with the other project teams.

For some time now Baden-Württemberg has been investing massively in research, development and teaching in the key areas of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML). The project aims to improve the possibilities of providing appropriate computing infrastructure, particularly at universities of applied sciences, for modern GPU-based processes in practice-oriented teaching. At the same time, an appropriate replacement for the CAD work station used until now will be found. The state bwLehrpool is the basis for the first phase of the project which until now was not designed for computing-intensive applications (particularly the new teaching fields of AI/ML).
The project is headed by the Offenburg University of Applied Sciences. Furtwangen and Freiburg are also project partners.


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