Computer Science and Media

The capture, analysis, processing, transfer and dissemination of information are the core tasks of information and communication systems. Nowadays computer and data networks also produce, aggregate and transport virtual goods and services. Based on these, new digital media are produced whose information and communication form is specially customized for humans and their intellectual, auditive, tactile and visual needs.

The "Computer Science and Media" research theme specializes in the following areas:

  • Distributed systems and cloud computing
  • Data analytics
  • IT security
  • Communication networks
  • Broadband infrastructures
  • E-teaching and e-learning
  • Virtual reality
  • Signal processing
  • Digital media production
  • Computer graphics/animation
  • Image processing

These find applications in the fields of medicine and health, media and communication, industry 4.0, smart home, logistics, production and sensor engineering.

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