The Public Science Lab, headed by sociologist Professor Dr. Stefan Selke, develops methods, produces content and presents results related to public science on socially relevant topics. It networks internal and external stakeholders promotes dialogues and contributes to the fulfillment of social responsibility in the context of Furtwangen University's Third Mission.

The Public Science Lab involves citizens, their knowledge horizons as well as values and expectations in research projects. Formats of dialogical science, collaborative knowledge production and artistic research are applied. The goal of the Public Science Lab is the production of socially robust and transformative knowledge.

The Public Science Lab was developed in the context of the research professorship "Transformative and Public Science" of Professor Dr. Stefan Selke.

Current public science research projects

  • "Time for the future? (Zeit für Zukunft?!)" Collaborative project with the German Clock Museum within the framework of the "Weiterkommen!" tender of the Centre for Cultural Participation (2022-2023)
  • "External link opens in a new window:Artificial Intelligence as a social pledge". Report as part of a cooperative project for the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF)(2021-2022)
  • "External link opens in a new window:Digitaldialog 21 – Transdisciplinary cartography of digital change between participative social analysis and tranformative science". Multi-partner project within the framework of the Baden-Württemberg digitalisation strategy, funded by the Ministry of Science and The Arts (MWK) (2019-2022)

Completed projects

Public Science magazine "Zugluft"

The "Zugluft - Public Science in Research, Teaching and Society" magazine is issued by the Public Science Lab. It was developed within the framework of the research professorship of Professor Dr. Stefan Selke together with information designers. "Zugluft" is aimed at both internal and external scientific audiences. Each issue of the magazine is dedicated to a new topic with stunning design and illustrations. We hope you will enjoy leafing through Zugluft and find the articles enlightening.

Zugluft" magazine is published in both high-quality print and digital versions. Additional material on the main topics is also accessible digitally. This is the basis for new dialogues between science and society.

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