Analysis of structure and function of microbiota in household washing machines and on textiles, for the development of sustainable hygiene strategies in the modern household
contact: Prof. Dr. Markus Egert, Prof. Dr. Hans-Peter Deigner

Investigation of the interaction of microbiota, motility and the intestinal nerve systems (ENS) in the gastrointestinal tract.
Contact: Prof. Dr. Markus Egert

Development and extension of rapid testing for personalized medicine. 
Contact: Prof. Dr. Hans-Peter Deigner, Prof. Dr. Matthias Kohl

Patient-specific clinical decision support systems for organ failure.
Contact: Prof. Dr. Matthias Kohl

Connected Health in Medical Mountains - an innovation and transfer partnership of Furtwangen University. Sub-project for the development of functional surfaces and their biocompatibility.
Contact: Prof. Dr. Markus Egert