Cooperative Trainee Programme

A trainee programme. For students.

A trainee programme for students? Exactly! Usually companies try to attract university graduates to trainee programmes. This trainee programme is run during the university course: trainees and companies sign one of our standard contracts before or during the degree programme. The contract is fair for everyone and can be customized to suit.

The Cooperative Trainee Programme offered by HFU together with strong industry partners is aimed at students - and from the first semester on. It is however also possible to join the programme at a later point in time. There are several variants of the programme. The cooperative trainee programme is not bound to a particular study programme and can in principle be combined with any bachelor's programme at HFU.

Until now students have been sponsored over the programme to the sum of several million euros. In more than 90% of cases until now, the trainees became full-time employees in the sponsoring company after graduation. So the prospects are good for both parties!


Advantages for employers
  • You get to know your possible future employee while they are still studying.
  • Your can give specific support enabling an easy career start later on.
  • You can and may set your own specific company requirements for the applicants. This can range from a good grade in a particular course, to involvement in community work.
  • In our standard contract the required framework conditions are set out with and for you in a flexible way.
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