We will keep you updated on the current situation related to the cyber attack. Further information.

FAQ Frequently asked questions

Last updated: 25 October, 7.14pm


Current situation

What has happened?

The IT infrastructure of Furtwangen University became the target of a cyber attack on 18 September. According to initial findings, data was encrypted or deleted. As an initial measure, all systems were taken offline. For this reason, our IT infrastructure is currently unavailable, and all central services such as FELIX or the libraries are therefore also out of operation. The telephone system is not affected.

The extent of the damage cannot yet be precisely estimated. The authorities' investigations are ongoing.

We are working at full speed to rebuild our systems.

When did the attack happen?

The attack took place during the night between Sunday 17 September and Monday, 18 September. We cannot exclude the possibility that the attack started earlier.


What measures has Furtwangen University taken since then?

The university management set up a group of experts on Monday to examine the situation. For security reasons, all HFU systems were shut down. All important contact persons and facilities were informed.

Our Operations Centre will define, prioritise and implement the necessary measures. Among other things, the university management have informed employees in a video conference. These information meetings will now take place regularly.

This website has been set up for updated information. This FAQ section is under construction and will be constantly updated.

What happens now?

The university management will keep you updated regularly over this page.

Please note the only reliable information is communicated via this page.



Which systems are affected?

Last updated: 27 September, 3.47pm

All IT devices that were connected to the HFU networks or had access to network drives via VPN during the time of the attack are at risk of being affected by the attack. Therefore, we have shut down the entire IT infrastructure of Furtwangen University.

Has data been leaked?

Last updated: 27 September, 3.47pm

We assume that it is very likely that data was siphoned off during the attack on the IT infrastructure.  It is currently impossible to make a reliable statement about exactly what data are affected. However, unfortunately we must assume that personal data could also be affected.

How can you tell that your device might be affected?


Last updated: 27 September, 3.48pm

In most cases, files appear that one does not know and/or that have an unusual extension. Your own files are no longer found or are no longer readable. We are working to set up service points on all campuses that will determine whether your device is affected. Instructions on how to use such programs are also in the works.

How can I protect myself (now and in the future)?

Last updated: 27 September, 3.49pm

Change passwords (business and private), preferably using password managers such as KeePass.
Keep antivirus programs (for example, Microsoft Defender) on the private PC and operating system updates current.

Be alert if

- Your contacts notice that spam is being sent from your address.
- Logins do not work, although the data is correct.
- Devices such as PC, laptop or cell phone have greatly increased battery consumption.

If you notice unusual behavior of your PC or laptop, turn off the device and please inform the IMZ.

Information for applicants and potential students

When can I apply for the next Summer Semester at HFU?

It will be possible to apply for the summer semester in the coming days. We will keep you informed here and on the homepage of the website. 

Information for students

Contact persons for students in the faculties (during office hours)

Faculty of Digital Media (DM): Laura Grieshaber
Email: laura.grieshaber(at)hfu.eu, Tel: 07723 920-2297

Faculty of Health, Safety, Society (GSG): Nadine Winter
Email: nadine.winter(at)hfu.eu, Tel: 07723 920-2956

Faculty of Computer Science (IN): Cornelia Kellermann
Email: cornelia.kellermann(at)hfu.eu, Tel: 07723 920-2406

Faculty of Industrial Technologies (ITE): Sabine Hattung-Hocheder and Sabine Stach
Email: sabine.hattung-hocheder(at)hfu.eu, Tel: 07461 1502-6600
Email: sabine.stach(at)hfu.eu, Tel. 07461 1502-6603

Faculty of Medical and Life Sciences (MLS): Michaela Knöpfle
Email: michaela.knoepfle(at)hfu.eu, Tel: 07720 307-4380

Faculty of Mechanical and Medical Engineering (MME): Pamela Weis & Olga Guggolz
Email: pamela.weis(at)hfu.eu, Tel: 07723 920-2181 (Furtwangen Campus)
Email: olga.guggolz(at)hfu.eu, Tel: 07720 307-4406 (Schwenningen Campus)

HFU Business School: Natascha Wolf
Email: natascha.wolf(at)hfu.eu, Tel: 07720 307-3828

Faculty of Business Information Systems (WI): Katharina Senk-Klumpp
Email: katharina.senk-klumpp(at)hfu.eu, Tel: 07723 920-2935

Faculty of Business Administration and Engineering (WING): Katja Schlageter
Email: katja.schlageter(at)hfu.eu, Tel: 07723 920-2200

Contact persons Student Affairs: Examinations Office, Admissions Office, Central Student Advisory Office (during office hours)

Last updated: 23 September 10.20am

Central Academic Counselling

Victoria Reineck
Email: victoria.reineck(at)hfu.eu, Tel: 07723/920-2430

Admissions Office: Info for applicants and potential students

Karin Dreher
Email: karin.dreher(at)hfu.eu, Tel: 07723/920-2270

Franziska Laabs
Email: franziska.laabs(at)hfu.eu, Tel: 07723/920-2285

Student Administration Office/Examinations Office: for students and those taking external examinations


Faculty of Digital Media (DM)

MIB, OMB: Franziska Kreiß
Email: franziska.kreiss(at)hfu.eu, Tel: 07723/920-1222

MKB, DIM, MIM, MD: Manuela Duffner
Email: manuela.duffner(at)hfu.eu, Tel: 07723/920-1224

Faculty GSG

AGW: Carola Frank
Email: carola.frank(at)hfu.eu, Tel: 07723/920-1223

PT, HW, IGF: Manuela Duffner
Email: manuela.duffner(at)hfu.eu, Tel: 07723/920-1224

SSB, RIW: Carola Frank
Email: carola.frank(at)hfu.eu, Tel: 07723/920-1223

AGF: Franziska Kreiß
Email: franziska.kreiss(at)hfu.eu, Tel: 07723/920-1222

Faculty IN:

AIN: Franziska Kreiß
Email: franziska.kreiss(at)hfu.eu, Tel: 07723/920-1222

ITP, INM, MOS: Carola Frank
Email: carola.frank(at)hfu.eu, Tel: 07723/920-1223

Faculty WI:

WID, WIB, WIE, WNB, IBS, BAM, BCM: Christiane Jung
Email: christiane.jung(at)hfu.eu, Tel: 07723/920-1225

Faculty WING:

MVB, PEB, WIS, SMB, SEM, WPI: Evelyn Droll
Email: evelyn.droll(at)huf.eu, Tel: 07723/920-2286


Faculty MLS:

ANB, BPT: Natalie Trippel
Email: natalie.trippel(at)hfu.eu, Tel: 07720/307-4285

MTZ, PA, PMD, NBT, TP: Vanessa Stern
Email: vanessa.stern(at)hfu.eu, Tel: 07720/307-4287

HFU.Prep (HP): Christine Riedlinger
Email: christine.riedlinger(at)hfu.eu, Tel: 07720/307-4269

Faculty MME:

ELA, ICS: Carola Frank
Email: carola.frank(at)hfu.eu, Tel: 07723/920-1223

IEB: Vanessa Stern
Email: vanessa.stern(at)hfu-eu, Tel: 07720/307-4287

MKT, MEB, MM, APE: Lidia Friedel
Email: lidia.friedel(at)hfu.eu, Tel: 07720/307-4268

BE, PMM: Natalie Trippel
Email: natalie.trippel(at)hfu.eu, Tel: 07720/307-4285

MZT: Vanessa Stern
Email: vanessa.stern(at)hfu-eu, Tel: 07720/307-4287

SMA: Christiane Jung
Email: christiane.jung(at)hfu.eu, Tel: 07723/920-1225

Faculty W (HFU Business School):

IBM, IBW, BMP: Natalie Trippel
Email: natalie.trippel(at)hfu.eu, Tel: 07720/307-4285

IMM, MBA: Lidia Friedel
Email: lidia.friedel(at)hfu.eu, 07720/307-4268

MBX: Christine Riedlinger
Email: christine.riedlinger(at)hfu.eu, Tel: 07720/ 307-4269


Faculty ITE:

IMF, MTE, IMT, IP, HF, MES: Sieglinde Saur
Email: sieglinde.saur(at)hfu.eu, Tel: 07461/1502-6225

MDP, AMB, WFT, OT, AMW, MRA: Esma Bikec
Email: esma.bikec(at)hfu.eu, Tel: 07461/1502-6226

External examinations:

IMX, ISG, TMB, IC, IR: Christine Riedlinger
Email: christine.riedlinger(at)hfu.eu, Tel: 07720/307-4269


Student Affairs Department

Head of Department: Helga Fleig
Email: helga.fleig(at)hfu.eu, Tel: 07720/307-4271

Deputy Head of Department: Katrin Hilzinger
Email: katrin.hilzinger(at)hfu.eu, Tel: 07461/1502-6227

Contact person at the School of Languages and Cultures

Last updated: 4 October, 4.23pm

In our School of Languages and Cultures (SLC) you can reach Ozan Varli, ozan.varli(at)hfu.eu, for the Schwenningen and Tuttlingen campuses, and Andrew McDouall, andrew.philip.mcdouall(at)hfu.eu, for the Furtwangen campus.

International Center contacts

Last updated: 4 October, 10.36am

Students can reach the following persons at the International Center:
Director of International Center: Brigitte Minderlein
Email: brigitte.minderlein(at)hfu.eu, Tel: 0178 37 40 634

For our "Outgoings":
Annette Kohler,
Tel: 07720 307 4290
Ulrike Waldvogel
Email: ulrike.waldvogel(at)hfu.eu, Tel: 07723 920 1317

For our "Incomings" (Guest students):
Julia Hennig
Tel: 07723 920-1318
Petra Balasta
Tel: 07720 307-4216

How will the Winter Semester proceed?

Last updated: 4 October, 3.48pm

All of our courses are taking place. Some content will be taught in an adapted form due to technical limitations. Please contact our lecturers and staff if you have any questions about this.
The technical restoration of all systems will still take a few weeks. However, we are making every effort to make important functions available to you again as quickly as possible. You will soon have access to our learning platform FELIX again. A basic WLAN has already been set up in almost all buildings on the Furtwangen campus, and this will also be done soon on the Schwenningen and Tuttlingen campuses.
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us on site or use our ticket system and send an email to ticket(at)hfu.eu.

How can I register on FELIX?

(Last updated: 16 October, 10.35am)

FELIX is available again for students. To request a personal FELIX password, you will need two things: (1) your matriculation number and (2) access to the email account you were using at the time of your application to HFU.

Proceed as follows:

1. Access the website felix.hs-furtwangen.de and click on "Request Password" at the bottom.

2. Enter your matriculation number and click on "Save".

3. Check your email account and follow the instructions in the registration email.

For this semester:

Use your matriculation number as your login name and your self-selected password to log into FELIX.

Didn't receive an email or no longer have access to the email account you provided at the time of your application? Send an email to  felix-support(at)hfu.eu and we will help you as soon as possible.

When and where are the timetables available?

Last updated: 25 October, 5:45 p.m.

The timetables are available on the faculty pages on this website and are updated weekly.

I have not yet re-registered for the winter semester. What should I do?

Please contact the administrator of your study programme at the Examinations Office. Please have the bank transfer remittance slip of your semester fee for the Winter Semester 23/24 at hand.


I can't meet my deadlines - what can I do?

Students who are unable to meet submission deadlines for technical reasons due to the cyber attack will not suffer any negative effects on their study and examination administration as a result.

Please contact your thesis or project supervisor as soon as possible. Only they can assess whether an extension is necessary and, as a result approve an extension together with the Dean of Studies.

How can I obtain a matriculation/student grant (BAföG) certificate?

Please contact the administrator of your study programme in the Examinations Office.


Will my HFU card work if I have already validated it for the winter semester?

Last updated: 23 September, 3.20pm

Yes, then your HFU card works for the locking system. Topping up credit in the cafeteria also works. You cannot currently use the HFU card in the library. We are working on a solution.

What about application for the Deutschlandstipendium?

Last updated: 26 September, 2.44pm

Due to the cyber attack, the deadline for submitting applications for a Deutschlandstipendium has been extended. The new deadline is 28 September, 2023. Please send your application documents to deutschlandstipendium(at)hfu.eu. If you do not have a new HFU mail account yet, send your application from your private mail account.

As a reminder - the following documents are required:

  • a letter of motivation, one page in length, stating your course of study, your faculty and your matriculation number
  • a signed, scanned informal consent to retrieve your study, examination and other data from the database of the HFU Student Affairs Department and to use it exclusively in the context of the award decision for the Deutschlandstipendium at HFU in the academic year 2023/2024
  • an informal statement (missing information may be required) as to whether and which other scholarships and study grants you are certain to receive or may receive during the period in which you are eligible for the Germany Scholarship
  • a curriculum vitae in tabular form
  • if applicable, proof of a special qualification entitling the applicant to study in the respective degree programme at HFU
  • For applicants from another (international) university, a current transcript of records; in the case of previous international achievements, a translation that can be transferred to the German system and converted (by an official body) into the German grading system.
  • For applicants for a Master's degree, the certificate of a first university degree; in the case of foreign certificates, a translation that can be transferred to the German system and converted (by an official body) to the German grading system
  • if applicable, internship and work references
  • If applicable, further relevant proof of special awards and prizes, other knowledge and further commitment, as well as
  • If applicable, further relevant documents that highlight your special eligibility for support in accordance with the objectives of the Deutschlandstipendium.
How can I get in touch with the libraries?

Last updated: 26 September, 4.35pm

Our libraries can be reached by mail at bibliothek(at)hfu.eu.

When are the libraries open?

Last updated: 10 October, 08.10 am

Furtwangen Library

Mo-Fr 9-19 Uhr
Samstag 11-17

Schwenningen Library

Mo-Fr 9-19 Uhr

Tuttlingen Library

Mo-Do 9-19 Uhr
Fr 9-13 Uhr

Is alfaview working?

Our conference tool alfaview works. You can dial in via https://rooms.hs-furtwangen.de.


Will the University Careers Fair (HKB) take place?

You can already register now and get information on the digital platform of the university job exchange. By mid-October, you can also see here all the exhibitors who will be there on 8 November:


From 26 October, the entire platform will then go live and you will be able to view all exhibitor profiles, building plans, presentations and much more.

Brand new in November: HKB bonus cards! You can pick these up on the day of the event at the HFU information booth in the I Building and use them, for example, to collect stamps for every conversation you have with exhibitors and use them to pick up a free lunch at one of two food trucks.

For all those who study in Schwenningen or Tuttlingen and would like to visit the HKB, there will be free shuttle buses! If you would like to ride, simply send your first and last name and campus to nadine.woelfle(at)hfu.eu. More information will follow by email. Registrations are possible until 30 October!

What do I have to take into consideration if I am going abroad for a semester in WS 23/24 (to an HFU partner university)?

Please inform the partner university of your private email address so that you continue to receive all relevant information.

If you are funded through Erasmus, you must also provide KOOR Erasmus Services BW with your private email address (if you have not already done so).

Since you can no longer register on the OLA platform with your HFU address, you must use the LA-Formular for any changes to your Learning Agreement and send it by email to the persons responsible.

What do I have to do if I have applied for a semester abroad in Summer Semester 2024 (to an HFU partner university)?

If you have already been nominated and already have a contact person at the partner university, please provide this person with your private email address so that you can receive all relevant information.

If you have not yet been nominated and do not have a contact person at the host university, please contact the International Center immediately at 07723 920 1310 and provide us with your private email address.

If you are going to an Erasmus partner university and would actually have to create an online Learning Agreement, then an exception applies to you at the moment: you use the LA-Formular for the Learning Agreement and send it by email to the persons responsible for signing.

My host university requires an official confirmation of the cyber attack. Who issues it?

Not all partner universities have been informed about the cyber attack yet, so they may require an official confirmation. Please also contact the International Center on 07723 920 1310 in this case.


I have an internship abroad and would like to apply for an Erasmus grant. What do I have to do?

(Last updated: 13 October 4.48pm)

You can apply for funding at KOOR Erasmus-Services BW.

Please register under the following link:

Registration (in German)
Registration (in English)

Link for a new registration after an already completed registration


I have been awarded an Erasmus exchange place for the 2024 semester. How do I have to apply for the Erasmus funding now?

(Last updated: 13 October 4.48pm)

Please register with the KOOR Erasmus Services BW.

The links for a new registration are:

Registration (in German)
Registration (in English)

Link for a new registration after an already completed registration.


Where can I complete my semester abroad as part of the HFU exchange programmes?

(Last updated: 17 October, 3.40pm)

You will find information about our partner universities and the exchange places available in our partner university database https://hsfurtw.moveon4.de/publisher/1/eng.

Enter your degree programme in the search mask and all exchange opportunities will be displayed. You can find more information by clicking on one of the universities listed. Please note that you have to research the range of subjects offered at the partner university yourself; full recognition is not always possible.

When and how do I have to apply if I want to do a semester abroad at an HFU partner university in WS 2024/25?

(Last updated: 17 October 3.40pm)

The application period for a semester abroad in WS24/25 starts on 20.11.23 and ends on 20.01.24.

You can apply online in our application portal, which will be linked here in time for the start of the application period.

You can indicate three priorities.

The following documents (always for the 1st prio only) must be uploaded:

  • Letter of motivation
  • Curriculum vitae (CV)
  • Transcript of grades
  • Preliminary Learning Agreement (make sure you get the signature of the international representative or regional coordinator in time!)
  • DAAD language certificate for the chosen language of instruction (make sure you apply for this at the School of Languages and Cultures in plenty of time!)
My questions are not answered here. Where can I get more information?

You can contact our ticket system with any questions at any time. Send an email to ticket(at)hfu.eu. We will forward your message to the appropriate person right away.


Information for university staff

Last updated: 10 October, 5.45pm

Current information for staff can now be found in the HFU Info FELIX course

Information for cooperation partners

I have registered for the University Careers Fair (HKB), but have not yet received official confirmation of registration

Last updated: 26 September, 8.17am

Due to the cyber attack, we unfortunately do not have access to the received registrations at the moment. We will contact all exhibitors who have participated in the HKB since November 2022 by email via the digital HKB platform "Vystem" asking them to forward their registration data. However, we will not be able to reach exhibitors who have never participated before via this channel. It would therefore be a great help to us if all exhibiting companies that have registered for the upcoming University Contact Fair on 8 November could send us again the automatic email that you received after your registration to the following email address: nadine.woelfle(at)hfu.eu.


HKB: What is the deadline for maintaining my digital exhibitor profile?

When you receive the official confirmation of registration, you will also be given access to your digital exhibitor profile. Your data should be maintained in it by 13 October. If you have already been an exhibitor since November 2022, most of your entries can be transferred 1:1 with a click. There will also be ongoing support via chat and an exhibitor training session on 5 October for anyone who still has questions about maintaining their exhibitor profile. You can find more information on this in the exhibitor manual, which you can access within the digital platform.


HKB: When will I receive further information and the invoice for my (attendance) participation?

Last updated: 26 September, 8.19am

We are working at full speed to compile the required information for you and to finalise the stand planning. You will receive all the information, including the invoice, by email no later than two weeks before the HKB. If you have any questions, you can also reach Nadine Wölfle at nadine.woelfle(at)hfu.eu.


Information for alumni (past students)