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Over €6m for Medical Technology research at Furtwangen University

BMBF funds CoHMed partnership until 2024

The Furtwangen University innovation and transfer partnership, CoHMed (Connected Health in Medical Mountains) has been funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) since 2016. The project has recently been evaluated and considered convincing enough to be extended. The BMBF will fund the CoHMed partnership with approximately €5m in total for a further four years until 2024. Industry partners will also contribute up to €1.4m to the project. The State of Baden-Württemberg supports the CoHMed management with around €150,000.

Through the "Strong Universities of Applied Sciences – Impulse for the Region" (FH-Impuls) Programme, the BMBF specifically funds strongly research-focussed universities of applied sciences; Furtwangen University is one of only ten universities of applied sciences across Germany which are funded through the programme. The goal is to set up and extend strategic partnerships with regional industry with the aim of boosting research, development and innovation in universities and business, and beyond. The Furtwangen University CoHMed Partnership focuses on the innovative field of medical technology which is very strong in the region. The CoHMed research projects deal with the megatrends of medical technology, such as miniaturisation, biologicalisation, digitalisation and new materials, and future-oriented applications are developed. During the extension phase, research will focus on the new theme of individualisation. This involves individual and patient-specific adjustment of diagnostic and therapeutic measures. An interface project involves the implementation of the EU Regulations on Medical Devices (MDR).

"The well-established and trusted cooperation with our industry and network partners is the basis for our current success. Our vision and joint drive, along with new and improved medical technology, is what contributes to improved medical provision. Just how important health provision is, can be seen at the moment," says Professor Dr. Knut Möller, speaker for the partnership.

"I'm delighted about the success of the CoHMed Partnership and would like to thank everyone involved for their enthusiasm, and the partners for their support in the last four years, and especially with the successful CoHMed evaluation," says Professor Dr. Ulrich Mescheder, Vice-President of Research at Furtwangen University. Furtwangen University has been closely involved with the medical technology sector in the Tuttlingen area since the set up of the Tuttlingen Campus over 10 years ago. With the establishment of the Innovation and Research Center (IFC) in 2018, Furtwangen University now runs its own research centre for research and development work such as transfer and entrepreneurship initiatives, which the activities of the CoHMed Partnerschaft also support.

Save the date

A creative event is planned for the 13 October, 2020 in the Tuttlingen Town Hall, which will be of interest to companies who would like to know more about the CoHMed Partnership. The event is organised by the CoHMed management and the Medical Mountains cluster initiative. CoHMed is a living partnership – new partners and new project ideas are always welcome. Interested companies should contact the partnership management for more information about taking part.

Contact details

Prof. Dr. Knut Möller (CoHMed Partnership Speaker)
Tel.: 07720 307-4390
Dr. Sabine Seeliger (CoHMed Partnership Manager)
Telephone: 07461 1502-6780
Email: Email application is started:cohmed(at)hs-furtwangen.de

Further information

External link opens in a new window:https://cohmed.hs-furtwangen.de
External link opens in a new window:www.forschung-fachhochschulen.de/massnahmen/foerdermassnahme-fh-impuls