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Consistently top of the rankings

Top grades for Furtwangen University

In Germany the most important ranking of universities is the CHE University Ranking. Furtwangen University has again earned top grades this time round. The green points that all three newly evaluated faculties – Business Administration and Engineering, the HFU Business School and Business Information Systems – were awarded, mean that they are among the best in the German-speaking area. These three faculties already did very well in the last two rankings in 2014 and 2017 – and now they have taken their place among the leaders once again. Definitely not a given, considering how strong the competition is. "Green" is the top category, followed by yellow for the middle group and blue for lowest category. The CHE (Centre for University Development) sent thousands of questionnaires to students and professors to assemble the rankings.

The results from the Faculty of Business Information Systems are particularly good: in the current ZEIT student guide, issued on 5 May 2020, they were awarded, without exception, the "green" points of the top category – and with that, they belong to the best in Germany. Programme organisation, lab equipment, choice of courses offered, lecture rooms, academic support  – everything is outstanding, say the students.  In addition, both bachelor's and master's programmes are rated as being strongly work-related with excellent cooperation opportunities with companies for practical and thesis work.

Taking a degree at the HFU Business School on the Schwenningen Campus is highly recommended –  it is one of the best business schools in universities of applied sciences in Germany. The students are extremely satisfied and awarded higher than average points for the business programmes at HFU  –  from choice of courses, to support and coaching. The library and lecture rooms are also rated highly by the students.

The Faculty of Business Administration and Engineering also achieved top results. The students rated the academic environment generally, as well as coaching, practical and workplace orientation, and support in taking a study semester abroad, as outstanding. This makes the faculty one of the best in Germany.

"The fact that we have consistently landed in the top category for many years in a row makes us very happy and proud," says Furtwangen University President Prof. Dr. Rolf Schofer. "Keeping these top rankings doesn't happen automatically and we don't sit on our laurels. Instead we strive to expand our academic programmes on a continual basis."

Background information
The CHE university ranking is the most comprehensive and detailed ranking in the German-speaking area. More than 300 universities and universities of applied sciences are tested by the CHE. Besides information about the degree programmes, teaching, facilities and research, the rankings also include student evaluations of the study conditions at their university. Every year a third of the courses are re-evaluated. In 2020 these were: Business Studies, Law, Social Work, Political Economy, Business Information Systems, Business Administration and Engineering, Business Law and  Economics. Of these courses, Furtwangen University offers International Business on the Schwenningen Campus, and Business Information Systems and Business Administration and Engineering on the Furtwangen Campus.

Overview of degree programmes at Furtwangen University