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Families welcome

New parent-kids workroom on Schwenningen Campus

Come to campus with your kids? Yes, thanks to the family-friendly facilities of HFU! A new parent-kids workroom has been set up on the Schwenningen Campus for Summer Semester 2019. This means that special rooms for families are now available on all our campuses, increasing the attractiveness of HFU as a place to study and work.

The parent-kids workroom is specially equipped for the needs of young families. Pregnant women can use it as a quiet room to relax, and young mothers can use it to breastfeed. Students and staff can study and learn here while their kids are taking a nap or playing. The offer is open to all HFU parents with babies or small children, to support them in combining study and work with family. For example, if they are unexpectedly left without a babysitter, HFU staff can bring their kids with them and use the parent-kids workroom. Parents have a workplace to study or work, or a comfortable place to rest or breastfeed. Babies and infants can also rest or play. Toys are available for a range of age groups. There are also lockers in front of the room where parents can store blankets or their own toys.

The parent-kids room is located in Room C 3.76, in the corridor between A and C Building. Access is gained by activating the HFU card. The room can be used at any time during HFU opening hours. (Contact: Markus Karrer, Dagmar Müller). As a family-friendly university, HFU support young parents in combining study and work with family. A range of initiatives are available, from childcare cooperations to flexible study and examination conditions for student parents. The expansion of our family-friendly initiatives takes place within the framework of the Professors II programme.

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