Current Corona regulations

Furtwangen University is in normal operation. There are currently no Corona requirements that apply exclusively to university operations. (Status: 21.06.2022)


I have Corona and would like to take part in an in-person exam or face-to-face event - is that possible?

According to current legislation (effective 31 January and valid until 7 April 2023), if you have the Corona infection, you do not have to seclude yourself. If you have a positive result to a rapid test or a PCR test, the obligation to wear a mask outside the own home for five days applies. We recommend an FFP 2 mask.

Inform your examiners and the Dean's Office well in advance so that measures such as increased distance can be implemented if necessary.

If you do not (cannot) wear a mask, you are not permitted to participate in face-to-face exams or events. After a positive rapid test result, go home immediately without delay! This also applies to vaccinated persons (also with booster vaccination) and those who have recovered from an infection. Only leave your home in the case of a medical or other emergency, or for testing.

(Last updated: 1 February 2023)