Distributed Software Architectures Lab

The Client Server Lab has expanded to become the Distributed Software Architectures Lab. Distributed software architectures are used in both teaching and research. Of foremost importance for students is the examination of various software architecture models, in order to be able to model, design, implement and evalute such models. These range from client server and peer-to-peer, to service-oriented architectures. Experimental frameworks and corresponding software tools including Eclipse, Netbeans, Microsoft Visual Studio, Enterprise Architekt, are available in order to work with appropriate case studies.

Lab Equipment

The current versions of both the Microsoft operating system and the open-source operating system Linux are used as carrier platforms. The servlet container and applications servers from Sun Microsystems and Apache.Org are also widely used. In order to be able to model a suitably distributed data management, various databank management systems are used, such as MySQL and Java DB/Apache Derby. In the modeling and implementation of distributed software architectures for enterprise applications, software production is always a team process supported by appropriate collaboration systems and process models.



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