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The students think the initiative is great!

Sustainability in the library – with nuts and coffee

The HFU libraries are attractive and lively places where every HFU member has free access to the information they need. As part of HFU's sustainability mission and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of Agenda 2030, the HFU libraries on the Tuttlingen Campus are currently offering a vivid example of how to actively communicate the topics of education and sustainability with the pilot project 'Lerne mit GeNuss!

Sustainability in the library

In order to make sustainable action tangible, a high-quality, durable thermo mug made of food-safe stainless steel can be purchased for a packaging-free 'GeNuss'. Students can choose how much they want to pay for the thermo mug. This is an opportunity to discuss the fair distribution of resources. The visit to the library can then be continued in a relaxed manner with a high-quality, certified organic coffee. The special feature – the coffee can also be enjoyed without packaging thanks to pressed coffee balls.

A nut dispenser filled with delicious organic nuts from the local unpackaged store rounds off the offer. Students are made aware of the issue of conscious consumption and unpackaged shopping.

“A great campaign!” say the students

The result is a platform for discussions about sustainability, consumption and education. “A great campaign!” say the students, who are enthusiastically taking advantage of the offer.

The project was initiated and is currently managed by the Tuttlingen Campus library team. The project idea is supported by the Senate Sustainability Committee (SEN NHK). The project was initially launched as a pilot project at the Tuttlingen Campus. An expansion of the successful model to the library locations in Schwenningen and Furtwangen is already being considered.

Further impressions

Nut dispenser and coffee mugs with HFU logo