Health Congress

After a pandemic-related break, the health congress is once again being held in person in the auditorium at the Furtwangen campus. The event is jointly organised by the Schwarzwald-Baar Health Network, Furtwangen University, the Friends of Furtwangen University and the Town of Furtwangen.

Date: Wed, 22 June 2022, from 4.00pm


The Health Congress exhibition opens at 4.00pm.
At 5.00pm the President of HFU, Prof. Dr. Rolf Schofer and Regional Counsellor Sven Hinterseh will welcome participants and open the congress in the auditorium. This will be followed by a keynote speech by Dr. Werner Bartens, Süddeutsche Zeitung, physician and author of the book "People, Viruses, Mutations - Magical Thinking and Misjudged Risks before, during and after the Pandemic".

Various specialist presentations will be offered in so-called marketplace events at 6.30pm and 7.30pm.

Download file:Detailed programme for the 2022 Health Congress


Register for event until 15 June 2022: gesundheitskongress(at)