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Curriculum Vitae


  • Born in Ludwigsburg, Baden-Württemberg in 1962
  • Graduate in Physics at the University of Stuttgart and Oregon-State University (USA)
    Thesis in Fibre Optic Communications 
  • Ph.D at The Max-Planck-Institute for Solid State Physics in Stuttgart. 
    Thesis in Optical Spectroscopy
  • Scientific research in South-Korea and Japan
  • Professional carreer with Siemens Broadband Telecommunications Unit in Marketing, Technical Sales, Product Engineering / -Development
  • Development of Broadband xDSL technology and optical networks from innovation to commercialisation
  • Delegation to Beijing, China to set up a local R&D Center
  • Expatriate at the South Korean telecommunications equipment provider DASAN Networks Inc, Seoul as VP for product engineering
  • Siemens internal audit and consulting group
  • Since May 2010 professorship at the Hochschule Furtwangen


  • Member of the VDSL Forum and Broadband World Forum
  • Member of the FTTH Council



  • Highspeed-Infobahn fürs Wohnzimmer, c't 16/1998, S. 78
  • Organic Materials for Molecular Electronics: European and Overseas Activities, Report for the Commission of the European Communities, 1995
  • 25 scientific publications on optical fiber transmission and molecular spectroscopy


  • Taschenbuch der telekom praxis 2002


  • 'Evolving Broadband Architectures and Advances' Session Chair, Broadband World Forum 2004, IEC, Seoul
  • 'Migration towards Ethernet in the Broadband Access Network' Session Chair, Broadband World Forum 2003, IEC, London, Oktober 2003
  • 'Emerging Applications for the Next-Generation Broadband Network' Broadband World Forum 2002, IEC, Berlin, Oktober 2002
  • 'VDSL – Technology and Applications' Access Forum der IfKom, Systems, Oktober 2002
  • 'Migration of DSL-Based Access towards a Full-Service Access Network' DSL World Forum 2001, IEC, London, Oktober 2001
  • 'Dienste über ADSL am Beispiel Voice over DSL', 8. ITG Fachtagung für Kommunikationskabelnetze, Köln, Dezember 2001
  • 'Developing and implementing interactive broadband applications for an end-to-end architecture based on VDSL access', Access Technologies 2001, VIB, Barcelona
  • 'Mapping the Quality of Service Requirements of Business and Consumer Applications onto the Networking Layer Capabilities' Maximising Copper, IIR, Berlin
  • 'Maximising Copper in the local loop through ADSL deployment' Global IP Summit 2000, IIR, Mai 2000, Rome
  • 'Providing Services in the access network on a generic service platform' Proceedings of the international telecommunications symposium ´94, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Field of research and / or teaching


  • Broadband Infrastructur in rural areas
  • Consultancy in broadband network evolution
  • Economics of Access Networks
  • Network Engineering