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HFU as a partner in the innovation ecosystem


riccardo-annandale-140624-unsplash --- Image by © unsplash/Riccardo-Annandale

SEED can only work through networking, both inside an organization and outside. Thus HFU networks with various stakeholders in the region, for example the Smart Green Accelerator, and with international partners. The claim of the new HFU Innovation and Research Centre (IFC) in Tuttlingen states it clearly: "IFC – Realize visions. Network people."

The Smart Green Accelerator is a group of "green economy" start-ups who have been meeting in the attractively renovated old Train Hall in Freiburg since June 2018 to co-work on SEED along the lines of the Impact Hub Philosophy "start-up spirit". It is motivating to see how quickly students and "professionals" of all age-groups and experience levels, can network actively with each other, participating in sustainability innovation processes and passionately shaping SEED.

How this "spirit" can be picked up by students is shown for example by the Green Digital Activator. The 1st activator for example connects sustainability and internationalization in an impressive way: 8 students from the University of Freiburg and Furtwangen University tackle SEED challenges with 8 students from Tel Aviv. HFU master's students taught by Prof. Dr. Karduck take part in the activator.

Every HFU professor has had the same experience, which shows that where there's a will, opportunities for SEED in the HFU innovation ecosystem open up and can be seized.