Quality Management

Quality (I1994-1)


The HFU quality management system is based on four principles:

  • Documentation of processes to determine quality
  • Committee work and resolutions
  • Quality control cycles at all levels in the University in the areas of learning and teaching (Course/Module – Degree programme – Faculty – University Board of Executives)
  • External quality assurance measures and procedures

Further information on the HFU quality management system and all relevant processess for the areas of Learning and Teaching can be found in FINDO, the "Furtwangen INformation and DOcumentation System".

HFU is system accredited

Accreditation of degree programmes (programme accreditation) is laid out by the Standing Conference of the Ministers of Education and is a requirement in the State Higher Education Act for the official approval of a degree programme. In system accreditation, it is not simply individual degree programmes which are accreditated, but actually the quality control system of the whole university in the area of learning and teaching.

The system accreditation award confirms that HFU has proven its quality management system in the area of teaching and learning to be appropriate to achieve the defined qualification goals and quality standards in all study programmes.

Programmes which are set up in accordance with the requirements of the accredited quality management system of HFU or which were already part of the internal quality control process according to the requirements of the accredited system, are thus automatically also accredited.

To find out which study programmes are accredited, check in the Databank of the Accreditation Board.

Excellent results

Did you know that ...

  • ... HFU is only the 11th university in Germany to receive the quality seal of system accreditation for the quality control system in the area of teaching and learning of both individual degree programmes and the entire university?
  • ... HFU degree programmes regularly land in top positions in rankings?
  • ... the HFU libraries have been awarded the top "4 star" ranking several times?
  • … HFU is one of the most prolific universities in Baden-Württemberg when it come to publishing scientific articles in peer review journals?
  • … HFU is one of the universities in Baden-Württemberg which receives above-average third-party funding?
  • ... HFU was rated “good” by the German consumer testing organisation Stiftung Warentest for continuing education?
  • ... HFU has more fans on Facebook than most other German universities?
  • ... HFU received the ERASMUS quality seal for outstanding support for international students?

System accreditation

Programme accreditation is a legally binding requirement of the Standing Conference of the Ministers of Education and required through the State Higher Education Act before approval can be given for a degree programme. HFU currently offers over 50 degree programmes. For this reason, the University decided in 2010 to start the system accreditation process by which not only individual programmes become accredited, but rather the quality control system for the whole University in the area of teaching and learning becomes accredited.

Accordingly system accredited universities must convincingly prove that they have set up an effective quality management system, and develop and offer degree programmes which meet the requirements of the European and national stipulations of the Standing Conference of the Ministers of Education, the German Rectors' Conference and the Accreditation Board. To be able to maintain the quality of the degree programmes offered by the University, they must be continually checked and further developed by the University itself.

HFU System Accreditation Milestones

  • HFU was admitted to the system accreditation process in 2010. The process was carried out by ACQUIN (Accreditation, Certification and Quality Control Institute, Bayreuth) whose members are made up of external professors with experience in university management, experts from industry and students. During the process, the quality management system on all 3 university campuses was examined by the teams of experts who sampled random parts of individual degree programmes.
  • The rigorous 3-year process culminated in the system accreditation seal of approval. The award ceremony took place on 17 May, 2013.
  • The System Accreditation Award is valid until 30 September 2019. An interim evaluation took place in 2016.
  • HFU is nationwide only the 2nd university of its kind to become system-accredited.
  • Theresia Bauer, the Minister for Science, Research and The Arts said, " It is encouraging that with HFU, a university of applied sciences in Baden-Württemberg has now also successfully undergone the demanding process of a system accreditation."
Interim Results

The ACQUIN accreditation commission attested for HFU in 2016:


"The interim evaluation has shown that all recommendations made within the framework of the system accreditation have been taken up by the university and to a large extent have already been implemented. Any further recommendation or even a reference that something should be examined in more depth during the reaccreditation coming up in 2019, is not regarded as necessary."


Study Programme Accreditation

The System Accreditation seal of approval for HFU confirms that our quality management system in the areas of learning and teaching is capable of ensuring the achievement of defined qualification goals and quality standards in all study programmes.

Study programmes which are set up according to the requirements of the accredited quality management system of HFU, or which were already part of the internal quality assurance according to the requirements of the accredited system, are thus accredited.

Further information regarding accreditation of individual study programmes can be found in the databank of the accreditation board.

Our vision of quality

HFU is continually improving its excellent reputation as an innovative university with outstanding quality of teaching.

We design teaching and learning so that students achieve the educational objectives set for each subject and each degree programme. This includes the promotion of soft skills and methodology. Thus students are also equipped for further developments in their professional fields. Our graduates make HFU proud:

  • they support the regional economy and strengthen the region
  • they are recognized and in demand outside the region
  • they can work anywhere in the world

The University achieves this with a friendly teaching and learning environment which puts great emphasis on open dialogue.

Strategic Goals
  • Our teaching is workplace-oriented, of high quality and interwoven with application-oriented research.
  • Our degree programmes provide methodologies (soft skills) which are useful in the long term, enabling independent further qualification.
  • We have close relationships with regional industry/business.
  • We have a range of degree programmes which meet both the demand for study places and the expectations of graduates, and which are continually updated to reflect current developments.
  • We have an international outlook and network and offer our students the opportunity to spend at least one study or internship semester abroad.
  • We create educational opportunities for lifelong learning.
  • We encourage our high-performance students to become academics.
  • Our staff is highly qualified and committed to continuous professional development.
  • We maintain our position as a leading educational institution in terms of size, innovational strength and quality of education.
Strategic Measures
  • We ensure continuous improvement through the quality control cycle.
  • Our Quality Management Board, in which all HFU organizational units are represented, sets standards, using Best Practice Sharing methods.
  • We utilize the valuable feedback we receive from internship semesters, thesis work, etc. in our quality monitoring.
  • We involve industry in the development and further development of study programmes.
  • We promote workplace-related teaching and exchange with industry through close cooperation with industry on projects.
  • We offer intensive, personalized student support in a open learning environment.
  • We foster diverse contacts with international universities.
  • We encourage students to take semesters abroad and support them in the organization.
  • We offer courses taught in English in every faculty.
  • We involve students in research projects.
  • We support future academics through our cooperative doctorate programmes and the HFU Graduate School.
  • Lifelong learning is anchored in the structure of our university through the continuing studies programme of the HFU Akademie.

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