e-Carsharing service for students


Students on the Schwenningen and Furtwangen campuses can rent Renault ZOE electric cars at special rates over the university's partner my-e-car. Here's how to do it:

  1. Register online on the my-e-car website or download the app. A credit card is necessary for payment. If you do not have a credit card check out this website for free credit card offers.
  2. Register with my-e-car using "Hochschule Furtwangen" and your HFU matriculation number (e.g. HFU-123456).
  3. Find out how to use the car here: instructions for my-e-car.
  4. You receive your access data by email: Customer number xxxx. Go to the University Stores (Magazin) on either campus, taking your driving licence, ID card and customer number.
  5. You will be registered to use my-e-car using your HFU card and will be given a password/PIN: xxxx. The PIN must be entered into a device on the windscreen of the car before you can start the car.
  6. If you register over the website/app, you can book your trip immediately and use the car during this time period.
  7. Return the car to the original parking spot at HFU. One-way drop-offs are not possible.
  8. After initial registration, the car can be booked round the clock from a computer, mobile device or by phone. It is opened using the university keycard and charged upon return using the chip in the carkey.

Facts and figures:

  • Performance: 65 kW (88hp)
  • Top speed: 135 km/h
  • Maximum distance: 120 - 150 km

Rental Costs

Day:7.00am to 10.00pm - 1st hour = €3.00, thereafter 4 cents/min., 15 cents/km
Night: 10.00pm to 7.00am - 1st hour = €3.00, thereafter no charge for time, 15 cents/km

All prices include tax.

The electric cars (Renault Zoes) are located in the courtyards of the Furtwangen and Schwenningen campuses. Charging stations for the car are also located here. Click here for further charging stations in the area.