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Prof. Dr. Jochen Huber


Huber, Jochen

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Don S. Elvitigala, Jochen Huber, Suranga NanayakkaraAugmented Foot: A Comprehensive Survey of Foot Augmentation Devices


Denys J. Matthies, Don S. Elvitigala, Sachith Muthukumarana, Jochen Huber, Suranga NanayakkaraCapMat: A Smart Foot Mat for User Authentication


Jochen Huber(Ed.), , Roy Shilkrot(Ed.), , Patty Maes(Ed.), , Suranga Nanayakkara(Ed.)Assistive Augmentation
Suranga Nanayakkara, Jochen Huber, Priyashri SridharAugmented Sensors
Roy Shilkrot, Jochen Huber, Roger Boldu, Pattie Maes, Suranga NanayakkaraFingerReader: A Finger-Worn Assistive Augmentation
Benjamin Petry, Jochen Huber, Suranga NanayakkaraScaffolding the Music Listening and Music Making Experience for the Deaf


Martin Schmitz, Jürgen Steimle, Jochen Huber, Niloofar Dezfuli, Max MühlhäuserFlexibles: Deformation-Aware 3D-Printed Tangibles for Capacitive Touchscreens
Jochen Huber, Mohamed Sheik-Nainar, Nada MaticForce-enabled Touch Input on the Steering Wheel: An Elicitation Study
Jochen Huber, Mohamed Sheik-Nainar, Nada MaticMulti-Level Force Touch Discrimination on Central Information Displays in Car
Priyashri Sridhar, Suranga Nanayakkara, Jochen HuberTowards understanding of play with augmented toys


Mohamed Sheik-Nainar, Jochen Huber, Raja Bose, Nada MaticForce-enabled TouchPad in Cars: Improving Target Selection using Absolute Input
Jochen Huber, Mohamed Sheik-Nainar, Nada MaticTowards an Interaction Language for Force-enabled Touchpads in Cars


Roy Shilkrot, Jochen Huber, Jürgen Steimle, Suranga Nanayakkara, Pattie MaesDigital Digits: A Comprehensive Survey of Finger Augmentation Devices
Roy Shilkrot, Jochen Huber, Meng Ee Wong, Pattie Maes, Suranga NanayakkaraFingerReader: A Wearable Device to Explore Printed Text on the Go
Klaus Schoeffmann, Marco A. Hudelist, Jochen HuberVideo Interaction Tools: A Survey of Recent Work


Jochen HuberA Research Overview of Mobile Projected User Interfaces


Jochen Huber, Yun DingAdapting web pages using graph partitioning algorithms for user-centric multi-device web browsing
Niloofar Dezfuli, Mohammadreza Khalilbeigi, Jochen Huber, Murat Özkorkmaz, Max MühlhäuserPalmRC: leveraging the palm surface as an imaginary eyes-free television remote control


Jürgen Steimle, Jochen Huber, Stephan LukoschDisruptive User Interfaces for Technology-enhanced Learning: a Taxonomy
Jan-Henning Raff, Jochen Huber, Jürgen SteimleMedia Disruptions as a Support for Learning