Factors of influence on successful implementation of a mobile application to support cooperation in informal healthcare situations

Integrate innovative approaches to cooperative healthcare concepts within the framework of service areas, and network family support, professional nursing and civic involvement. In this way nursing support can be made stronger and at the same time more flexible (assistance mix). The complex organization and monitoring requires the technical networking of these professional, sem-professional and informal structures in the social environment. In the previous project, technical developments were initiated. The »Zirkel« prototype developed makes the display of individual networks possible and facilitates the communication and cooperation of all parties involved with each other.  In the EIKI project, this prototype will be used in a sustainable app, in order that the components of the organization can be expanded and transferred to the community of Fischerbach.


  • Project duration -
  • Research theme Society, Health, Sustainability
  • Research Institute Care & Technology Lab
Project partners

Furtwangen University (Project leader)
Fraunhofer-Institut für Arbeitswirtschaft und Organisation IAO
Caritasverband Kinzigtal e.V.
Bürgergemeinschaft Fischerbach e.V.
Gemeinde Mönchweiler
Generationenbrücke Mönchweiler
Stadt St. Georgen
Pflegedienst Schneiderhan
Evangelische Altenhilfe St. Georgen gGmbH

EIKI (I19589-1)

The project is funded by the Baden-Württemberg Ministry for Social Affairs and Integration within the Pflege 2018 Innovation Programme.

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