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Information on the TOEIC 4 Skills Test

The Test Of English for International Communication, TOEIC®, is a standardized, objective test of Business English. With more than 7 million test candidates annually, it is the most used test worldwide. TOEIC® test results can be compared exactly across the world, thus ensuring high international recognition in companies, universities and business schools.

Internationally successful companies use the TOEIC® Tests year after year in order to recruit and promote the most suitable candidates.
Academic institutions also use the TOEIC® Tests as entrance criteria for applicants or as a final examination to improve the career opportunities of their graduates by enabling them to add a TOEIC® certificate to their application documents.

The TOEIC® 4 Skills Test evaluates reading, listening, writing and speaking abilities thus providing reliable proof of all four language skills.

Application of the TOEIC 4 Skills Test

  • Admission requirements for particular study programmes
  • Final examination for graduates as supplement to job application documents
  • Testing and certification of passive and active English proficiency for business students, job starters and employees who require proof of language proficiency for their course or for work
  • Measurement tool for recruiting and promotion
  • Placement test, test of learning progress and final examination for language courses
  • Motivation in the context of employer branding