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Test of German as a Foreign Language

Information on the Test of German as a Foreign Language (Test-DaF)

The German as a Foreign Language test (Deutsch als Fremdsprache – TestDaF) is an international language test for those with good German language proficiency.

Anyone who wants to study at a German university must be able to prove that their language proficiency is adequate. The TestDaF is one such proof. Normally Level 4 of the DaF test is sufficient for admission.

The TestDaF is offered in 96 countries at official, i.e. licensed Test Centres. Applicants who wish to take the test in their home country should check examination dates, registration deadlines and examination fees as early as possible.

TheTestDaF exam is centrally developed and graded by the TestDaF Institute in Bochum according to strict quality standards.
All examination participants receive identical questions.

The examination papers are graded by well-trained markers.

Examination papers are given one of three grade levels in each of the four sections of the examination:

  • TestDaF Level 3 (TDN 3)
  • TestDaF Level 4 (TDN 4)
  • TestDaF Level 5 (TDN 5)

The TestDaF levels are equivalent to B2 to C1 in the Common European Framework for Languages of the Council of Europe.

TestDaF target group

TestDaF is an appropriate test of language proficiency for:

  • Students who want to study in Germany and need proof of German language proficiency
  • Students who have to provide proof of their German proficiency in their home country
  • Academics who plan to spend a period of time at a German university and want to test their language proficiency
  • Those who need proof of German language proficiency for academic positions
  • Students who come to Germany to study through a European Union programme and who want to have an official language certificate at the end of their stay