How to gain a university degree

Here you will find some basic information about the structure of our degree programmes at Furtwangen University.

Bachelor's degree: foundation level studies

The Bachelor's programme generally takes 7 semesters. It is divided into foundation level and advanced level studies, each of which are composed of several modules. By successfully passing the modules of the foundation level studies, students show that they have acquired the fundamentals of the subject, the methodology and a systematic way of working.

Modules are made up of one or more courses which can be assessed in various ways (e.g. written examination, lab work, etc.) to confirm the successful participation of students in the courses. These assessments are generally carried out during the examination period at the end of the lecture period every semester.

Bachelor's degree: advanced level studies

The advanced level studies consist of further modules which go into the subjects in more depth. An internship semester is also carried out during the advanced level studies and in the final semester, the final piece of work, the Bachelor's thesis, is written.


Master's degree

The Master's degree programme generally takes 3 semesters. The final piece of required work, the Master's thesis is written in the third semester. Normally an internship semester is not carried out.

Those who have not gained a minimum of 210 ECTS credit points from a previous degree programme or have no previous knowledge of one of the subjects required for admission, must carry out a pre-study semester. The choice of modules to be taken is agreed upon during an advisory meeting.